Fan channels not available

I ckecked some fan channels and some of them are no longer available: Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre, Weapon & Soul and Xuan-Yuan Sword Legend: The Clouds of Han, Once Upon a Time There Was a Spirit Blade Mountain, Where Winter Is Warm, Where Summer Is Cool, Legend of Zu 2, A Step into the Past (2018)…
Does anyone know what’s going on?

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I am sorry, I am not that informed in Chinese dramas, I guess.

If these are older ones maybe the license negotiations failed.

If these were planned dramas it might be that corona virus even had its effect there. Maybe it’s not China’s biggest goal to sell licenses for dramas now? There can be all kind of reasons.

@giant_sean Maybe you can help out with some information?

It seems that almost all the fan channels of the dramas that already aired are no longer available.:expressionless:

“Once upon a time there was a spirit blade mountain” was on air this winter on N*****, I’m the channel manager and yes, it vanished, apparently deleted and I didn’t get any information from Viki. Nice…

Indeed. Nobody was informed.

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If Viki deletes Fan Channels, they will never license, I’m okay with it, because my project list won’t be spammed with channels, we will never see on Viki. But they should at least send a notice to the channel managers, so they could inform their teams and fans.


I agree with you.

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@sandia28 @lutra @somejuwels Hi all, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Earlier today, we shared an update on this matter, as well as what you can expect moving forward. Check it out here: [Viki Community Team] 2020 Fan Channel Take Down Notice :slight_smile:

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