Finding this drama!

Someone help me find this drama show i am in love with please!!
It is about a boy whos dad is apriest, the boy takes upskirt pictures so that he can “sin” to get his back on dad, his dad is getting a second marriage and with that a sister, he falls in love with the sister and goes through many trials to be with her in the end, in the end scene they both get into a car holding hands and it ends.
EDIT : I remember there being a scene where the main char dresses up as a woman and then there is some fight scene

I first saw this on a TV channel, either Film 4 or E4

I know im not giving you guys alot to go on but please!! Help would be appreciated
PS ive already tried yahooanswers and i dont properly remember if it was a film or a drama (sorry!)

I am not sure about this there a only 2 that I recall to have some parallels.

  1. a movie - Love so Divine
  2. a drama - Love Letter

im afriad neither of the things you suggested is the show im looking for :frowning:

I think it’s “Love Exposure”, a japanese movie from 2008.


You have no idea how much ive been looking for this film!! OMG THNX SO MUCH~!!!
I cannout express my gratitude enough!!! THANK YOU!!!

You’re welcome. :smiley: