Fix the damn roku app........please!

I know i can’t be the only one who keeps having to sign in EVERY time i use my roku app. and yes…i have deleted the app and redownloaded it…SEVERAL TIMES. it’s really getting to be a pain. i just started paying for service again because they finally started giving me japanese dramas now this happens. WTH???

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Sorry, I am not living in the US. I can’t tell you anything about Roku.

There is the “bugs and issues section” at the Help Center✓

Hope you find a solution, good luck!

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Thanks for the advice but i have tried sending emails this has been an issue for weeks.


Only usual emails or using this request form?

If a request doesn’t get a reply in ca. 1-2 weeks, you can “push” it with a new comment. Normally bugs and issues, especially app problems are taking care of in a timely manner.

one thing I found out on my own and it seems to work is don’t sign out of Viki. and when you get back to the roku app, don’t sign out of that either.
I was like you a few months ago, even ready to cancel my subscription to both, but decided to give this another try. so this past couple of months, this is doing well. now if they could fix the problem with the synk of words & speach to the actors.

Hey Dale, I don’t know if this is your issue, but many Roku models (not including the streaming sticks) can accept a micro SD card which stores channel information. It’s intended for those who’ve added a lot of channels to the ones that come pre-loaded on the Roku. If you don’t already have a card installed, you might try that to see if it resolves the issue.

For Roku users “breaking news”
and update here

Thankyou Lutra/Viki!!

Same here, No subtitles for 2 days and no customer service. I have been a subscriber for a very long time but never had any problems until recently. Can’t get them with any show? Any help would be appreciated. I am thinking maybe it’s a roku problem but I have tried on 2 different devices 2 new rokus…