Flower Power

What happened to the flower power?
Also why is viki so blah now? I miss viikii!
If anyone was here at that time, I call that a community. Now i come back its different. my account was deleted and to top viki changed!

Yepp, I was there at the Flower Power time.
Might come back to comment on sunday, I am checking in right now for the last time before I take a break for the weekend with friends.

Did you have another account ID?

Nope. I just always remember when there were bugs there was a group of people kicking tushies in here.

Totally with you. The recent weird upgrades done to the site has totally taken away from the old Viikii. Things are all over the place now with no rhyme or reason.

@feludaa No i remember the flower power were the ones to straighten out the community as well. I don’t know if you were here from the beginning but it was nice and quiet, till i started reading the comments ( thinking oh lets see maybe I can comment on something) but there was so much hatred and verbal abuse going in alot of channels. There was even an abuser list. LOL! but when viki started becoming greedy and rude about some things in the site Flower Power came about. I thought they were the founders at first lol! but they weren’t they were community members. Also to @lutra I had my account since '10 but viki said they didn’t delete it, but when I checked my profile it shows from this year. BS! I been in viki since '10 but i started using viki in 08. I miss the old viki and flower power.