Futuristic Viki : how do you imagine Viki in 5 or 10 years in your craziest dreams?


I must be crazy or it’s because Chrismas and New Year holidays are coming, they bring crazy ideas. Last night, I was thinking: how do I see Viki in 5 or 10 years? In my dreams, how do I imagine Viki in the future?

Even if what I said was irrealist sometimes, it was just fun to imagine a future Viki :smiley: It felt good to be in dreamyland xd
So I wonder if others also have crazier ideas and want to share them :wink:
Let’s be a little crazy and tell our fantasies :smiley: Just for fun and let’s our imagination talk!

First, I thought that it would be really great to just talk and dictate translations instead of typing! How it would be wonderful sometimes to relax our fingers after translating and just talk to the Subtitler Editor.
Then, I thought why won’t I use my voice to talk with Viki like Siri for Apple xd So my futuristic Viki in my dreams will discuss with me xd Like “Hey Viki, what are the last dramas on air ? You know my taste of course.” Or “Did I receive any mp during my absence ?” Then I will tell Viki what to send as a reply xd Or “Can you remind me when this drama is released ? Do you know how many subtitles we need to do in this episode ? How many subtitlers do you think we need ?”

Then my 3rd crazy idea was to watch Viki in Virtual Reality Headset as if we were totally immersed in a drama, like living the drama before our eyes! Or almost touching our favorite actors xd The best of the best would be to feel other senses like smelling, the sun, wind etc… (but not hurt or something dangerous of course) but well, it’s too irrealist xd
Then I was thinking about having Viki on Youtube, like a YT channel :smiley: and people could watch there too. Actually, it would be great to have a Viki player that can be export everywhere on blogs, on any websites like a YT player you know. For people who have blogs, they can put a Viki video and people can watch it from there.
I will add a Viki extension! A must xd Like while I’m surfing on another page, I can have a mini player Viki that I can crop, resize, move everywhere and just surf on other pages :smiley: A mini Viki player on computer, tablet, phones :smiley: Like while I’m reading on tablet, I can watch a drama or while I’m playing some phone games, I can watch it too.

My other crazy idea was to have a Viki Café! xd A real one like a Korean Café dedicated to dramas, volunteers, viewers. In this café, volunteers and viewers can hang around and they can buy Viki and drama goodies, Asian snacks, drink coffee, eat ramen or other Asian dishes! Yum :smiley:
We could have computers or bring our laptops in the café to translate and seg or just watch together or just organize together, or teach if we want (we could have some books and boards to write on).
There could be 1 Viki café in each country so it would be like a touristic place to hang around xd
And stars could come for fan meetings and there could be events like Halloween nightmare and during this event, people can watch together scary movies thanks to a projector and we could all talk and share our feelings while watching it like a real group of friends and sharing some moments.
It would be great to have a place to hang out with Viki community after work, or when we go visit a country, let’s meet and relax.

I talked about these foolish ideas with my friend and she told me that she would create this café :joy:
It was fun to imagine something different : having a discussion with Viki, VR Headset for dramas, Viki Café (eat, meet friends and stars, watch together, buy goodies), etc…

And you, how do you imagine the futuristic Viki of your dreams or how is your Viki built in 5 or 10 years?
Just write whatever comes to your mind.


LOL In my wildest dreams Rakuten Viki would buy DF, and it would work worldwide with no restricted regions. :wink:


Well, will think about it later, but I loove the “Viki Café” idea! It would be awesome if we can have it, one or some in each country, I was imagining it while reading your words and I really felt it and loved it!

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