Game to fill holes in subs 💎


Here is my problem:
I’m subbing something with English voice, but there are some holes that I can’t decipher.
I thought it might happen to others too (and not in English only) and we don’t always have someone who can help us fill the holes (availability and/or a teammate)! Especially, a native speaker :slight_smile:

I think we could make this as a game. It’s more fun and it can help people train their ears in a foreign language to find a sub :smiley:

Thank you to @narangg for helping me find a missing sub, very kind and really fast :smiley: You gave me this idea!

So questions for a champion or champions:

Q1) A & B

A/ In this video, she’s saying “So the (Korean word), the vegetables and the bread and the (?) and avocado” at 7:25.

Hint 1: She’s tasting an avocado burger in a famous burger restaurant in Korea.
My take: I dont know if the Korean word = burger or avocado burger?

(?) = English, I don’t know what it is…
Hint 2: must be food

>B/ "The first one is (Korean word) which is the spicy one" at 10:24.

Hint 1: She’s talking about Korean cold noodles called mul naengmyeon.

My take:
“Maep-da. 맵다. or Mae-wah-yo. 매워요. | It’s spicy.” => So it’s “mae” something? Maeulma?

Thanks for trying/playing/helping :slight_smile:
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A. She says . . . so the “harmony” of the vegetables, the bread and ----, and the avacodos, it’s just amazing…

The word you’re getting confused with a Korean word is harmony. I couldn’t get the word after bread, will listen a bit more to see if I can decifer it.


Also @ 7:08 she’s saying ‘fries’ (french fries) not rice.

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She’s saying ‘patties’

So the harmony of the vegetables, the bread and patties, and the avocados, it’s just amazing.


Thank you so much! :kissing_heart: You’re one of the nicest here!!
I was scratching my head about these subs!!

I’ll correct and update these subs tomorrow evening, got no time tonight, I have a date with Morpheus :slight_smile:

Good evening to you!

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You’re very welcome and thank you for your kind words. I’m glad to help out.

Sleep well!

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I wish this thread to be revived! There are lots of dramas with one or two obscure subs missing!



A new day, a new game :slight_smile:

I could fill until 89%, but the rest remains obscure for me!
“…” means I’m not sure
(…) means I don’t know what she’s saying.

2:33 Please, pat it with the sponge “as it is”

3:30 I shade it very deeply to make it look more “exotic”
3:33 You know we can’t get plastic surgery right now, so please contour the chin “heavily”
4:24 I don’t have a lot of (…), but don’t worry, let’s draw it!
4:30 With a smile, please draw (…) by contouring.
8:12 I bought this at (…) and this is real bad. => Does someone know this shop, is it Korean?

8:17 They look like cheap “broom”
8:22 Next, I put glittery nail parts under my eyes to make my earrings stand out.

8:42 And I color my lips with nude tints with “a little color”
9:06 Then color using the dark color lipstick that I call the “foreign” lip color in the middle of your lips.

10:31 Personally, I don’t like this kind of (…) lights, because it looks so fake.
13:18 I love (…)
13:34 And (…). Green, I love green.


We also need help for 1 blank sub in Simplified Chinese on a drama, but have no idea how to translate it:

A three-sectioned podao?
(T/N: Podao - a long Chinese spear-like broadsword)

(注释的翻译: 朴刀 - 一个中国的长矛如一个大刀)

Thanks to any soul!

4.24 & 4.30 : Aegyo Sal
8.12 : Daiso
13.18 : G3 (le filtre qu’elle utilise)

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Ty ju! Going to complete these subs when will have some time this week :sleeping:

Bonnes vacs!