Genres: "women", "entertainment", where do they come from?


I’m wondering how titles end up with these tags.
Especially the women tag.

In anime and manga I know where demographic tags like Josei or Shoujo come from. But content can vary greatly. Only where the manga was published matters for these tags.

Is there a similar factor like what channel a drama airs on in its country?

Otherwise, if this is really only judged by content like with obvious genres (romance, action,…), then depending on how narrow the definition is set, these tags could be applied to many more shows and then I’m wondering what the definition is.

Regarding “Entertainment”:
Mischievous Kiss 2 apparently is entertainment, but its prequel isn’t? What exactly does this tag mean?

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I feel many are so so random!
For instance anything with a ghost, even a passing ghost, is labeled “horror”. My Ghostess had a couple of scary moments, but most of it was a heartbreaking love story.
In general, it seems that the people who put the tags haven’t watched the series, and just read the few lines of the description (which often are very off the mark, as they are what the producers originally sent, before the show was aired, so they are very generic and cover only a few facts from the first episode).

I just became Channel Manager for a drama and I saw I could choose/change the tags. So blame the Channel Managers if the tags are ridiculous or not fitting.
I understand that before watching the drama they don’t really know what it is. But after watching it for a bit they should change them to reflect more faithfully the nature of it.


Thank you irmar!

So even the demographic tag “women” is -like the others- just applied by “good measure” by the people in charge on viki and there are no other factors involved like which channel the show originally aired on?

I think especially “entertainment” makes no sense whatsoever.

“women” at least has some meaning, but it also seems to be used quite inconsistently, which led me to think about a possibility for other factors to influence this, like channels (if there even is such a thing… thinking of Lifetime in the US for example).

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Sometimes the people in charge (viki), sometimes the Channel Managers.
I don’t know when it’s the one and when it’s the other.

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I know on some channels, it’s Viki staff that input that info. I checked on some of mine and the genre section is locked for me.

I guess you could PM one of the staff though and they could take care of it.

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Oh, then it’s not always the same…

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As for the women tag, I read an article a few years ago about how since most married Japanese women choose to remain housewives, many day-time dramas target that demographic. Maybe that’s what the tag means.

The Entertainment tag is definitely used inconsistently. I would think that it should be used for shows like Return of Superman and I Live Alone.

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