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We only eat them in the morning and in the evening we only eat something in a plate aka hot meals.

@angelight313_168: I share your mind! At least in Germany everyone really EVERYONE has to use a mask when they go to the doctor or to a supermarket.


Thats good, stay save out there.

I know I could make money with selling mask, but since the world has already become a mess as it is and most likely everyone is suffering from the most awful year in human history since 2000. I think the state should care for the safety of the people and provide every household with mask instead of making others suffering into a million dollar business. I cant nor do I want to make profit of other peoples demise.



Be safe too and all your love ones.

I always look at things differently. I only suggested you do this locally o help others in need in your country (sorry I don’t know where you are from). With your skills I thought you could make affordable price mask, for those who are in a financial rot/which we are all in anyway.

Making mask will not make anyone a millionaire unless they charge an exorbitant amount of money for them. We all know no one at this time is willing to spend a lot of money for a mask since we hardly can afford this new expense in our life that will last a long time with vaccine and all.

Did you saw it as I, trying to take advantage of the people that are in a ‘‘demise’’ situation? Meantime, I saw it as an opportunity to help those in such a ‘‘demise situation,’’ we are in, and to contribute in saving their life, when they can afford to buy, and keep using an affordable mask made by your skillful hands.


Yes! Our government kept saying masks were no use (or even more dangerous) all the time, but since June they are obligated in public transport. But did they do anything to make them available for people? No.


The government it’s also in an economic mess, so providing these mask for millions of people all over the world it’s something we all know won’t ever happen.

Here in USA they gave some on the subway station and beaches but they stopped bc ppl would throw them out a few feet away. People can be unreasonable, and put other’s life at risk. We just need to protect ourselves from those selfish/evil ppl.


Here they didn’t give anything for free, but stores don’t sell them either. Anyone who does get them either makes them themselves or maybe buys it online somewhere for extreme prices.
And we’re not even allowed to use the kind of masks which protect ourselves, only those that protect others.


It’s really awful what’s going on in the world right now, I don’t know if its always been like that and has become just to surface. Its funny we have to wear a mask in a time we cant wear “mask”.

In my country *swiss the masks are also very overpriced. It too is obligatory to use public transport only with a protective mask or you’ll pay like 100sfr if they catch you on a patrol. Most people don’t even care anymore for the basics like, taking a distance at the supermarket, places are crowded like the virus doesn’t exist. The opinion in my country is largely divided between the virus is a conspiracy or doesn’t exist at all and the minority that actually cares. The issue is, it’ll take longer, it’ll cost more money and at some point even my state will reach its peak of devastation. We aren’t even at the eu and my country depends on export and import, if things go to hell we will see worse.

I don’t mind the breakage of society, years I wished the whole system to crush, since it doesn’t compensate the efforts that is asked of us, and don’t get me wrong its ridiculous requirements like youll need to be a superman to even survive it until you are finally able to retire, if you aint a burned out candle before you even get there.

Also this is why it is disrespectful if we the younger generation treat our elderly this bad, with a mindset of “yeah they are old and now what?!” what is if it is your grandparent, parent even… Its right to protect them, they worked for all the things our state burns trough right now to keep us save.

Im disheartened to see the world in this state and I really hope that there will be a solution thats fair for everyone. I think the money machine has to stop for good, and I wonder how they gonna handle the vaccine if there will be any it’s about time to distribute resources fairly even help other countries that are poor.

His words are old but no day it is more fresh then now:


ah @mirjam_465 …i forgot to send you the links you asked for and im really sorry, can I send you a private message in order to not hijack the tread?


I wanted to mention that here in US you can wear scarf, and they allowed that bc they know some ppl. can’t afford to buy this mask. I tried the scarf (I had several I bought in the $1 store) but I feel more suffocated than with mask (which gets me dizzy and I hyperventilate) I’m chronic asthmatic and am very short of breath so it’s a nightmare to wear anything covering my mouth. To make matters worse, we have 96 and 102 F weather for weeks now.

Yesterday I went to the bank, and I honestly thought I would not make it home. Tomorrow we have to bring our pet to the Veterinarian for her vaccinations, and I hope I can make it since they expect very high humidity (grrrrr hate that). We waited for this appointment for months so we can’t miss it bc they recently just opened the place. This situation is such a nightmare that I hope we wake up already and is all over.


That is so cute. He looks like a toy. This is a real one?


Here scarves are not allowed. :frowning: So far masks are only obligated in public transport, but some politicians want to change that.
I’m also not sure whether I could even breath with a mask. And elastics around my ears? That must hurt!
Then again, I don’t go anywhere for fun these days anyway.

What kind of pet do you have? :slight_smile:


@nongmolaurie_51 That baby red panda lives at a zoo in Kansas, USA. Isn’t his cuteness off the charts! I want a replica plushie of him with his exact expression :heart_eyes_cat:



We have a chihuahua is the only dog i can have bc it has very little hair and I’m allergic to hairy dogs. She weights 6 pounds and they told us she’s overweight. She’s a tiny thing that eats like a German Shepherd (she attacks them too although they can eat in her in one gulp). She’s 13 so we spoil her bc she’s old. She has gorgeous outfits. I call her my granddaughter (I bought the dog for my now 30 yr. old daughter when she turned 17).

I’m glad you don’t go out much these days bc the air right now is very contagious with that virus, and not wearing a mask it’s such a high risk situation. The elastics are not bothersome in the ears, and is only hard when the temperature is really hot, when weather is comfortable is not that bad to breath in them. Be safe and don’t take any risk, wear the scarf if you have nothing else. here are some ideas. We have those in the dollar store and don’t know by u


Amazing!!! What a little cutie. I thought he was a plushie at first. The only thing that comes close in cuteness level that I can think of is the river otter. I just love them so much.


Cuteness level off the charts!!! OMG! The momma with her baby is so cute! I almost stopped before I scrolled to that one. It was just cuteness overload. Thank you for finding and sharing that with us. I’ve got to show my kids. They will go nuts!


Congee. I’m making some now. I’m still working my way through first 5 attempts and getting the proper method down. I can tell you right now, soaking the rice for 30 minutes then freezing it overnight is a really great first step, it helps break down the rice. Now I just need to get better about having some broth on hand to make it with. It is a 1:9 ratio of rice to liquid, simmered for an hour and a half. I made this batch with three types of rice, black, white and basmati. It turned out really well.


Hehe yes, I learned this from thewoksoflife blog


I’ll check out that blog. Thanks!


I think that the dad, mom and two sisters alternate in posting recipes and they all have different methods :smile:


I’ve got an ancient wok and my daughter uses it more than I ever did. It has traveled with me from Southern CA to Washington State. I’ll show Andrea the blog too.