Giving thanks to Rakuten/viki staff who finally gave me my badges

November 2018 Holiday Subathon Back to School Subathon Chinese Titles (10000) +41

I am so glad that I finally got the badges I very well deserve. For a long time now I worked in many dramas Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Lakorn, Spanish (from Mexico, Venezuela, Spain etc…). But I never saw my badges displayed in my profile page, and about 2 years ago (maybe more) I did a request that I wanted the badges I have earned during these past years. I never received a response so I just gave up. But I was so pleasantly surprised to see 44 badges today!!! (I only had 20 before).

They made my day, it took a while but if I die at least now I got to see my badges in the page (although I guess they don’t have for Lakorn dramas which I worked in many of them) I didn’t see one for Lakorn dramas unless I did but can’t tell. ANYWAYS…lol Thank you, thank you!

No worries I am happy and that’s all that matters. I hope they don’t disappear though::cry: hahahaha.


@angelight313_168 I am happy you receive your badges, for your work in many dramas, I guess better late than never. And a good way for you to start the New Year 2019. I personally never care about badges my main goal is to have a Viki Pass and watch Asian dramas from Korean, Chinese and Japanese etc. I like them all but my main drama started off with Chinese, because I think when it comes to period pieces the Chinese are excellent. Plus I do speak and understand Mandarin. But all and all I like all Asians dramas. Anyway I am happy you are happy. :smile:


Thank you! and may the new year 2019, grant all your wishes come true.