Good Asian movie?

Hey guys !

I am looking for a good movie to watch during a drive next week. Korean would be best as i am planning to watch with a friend but i am open for Japanese, Chinese as well :smiley: Hope you can share your ideas if you have sth :blush: Thank you beforehand !

Do you like romantic comedies, action, thrillers what?
If you could be more specific I could recommend you a lot

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Actually i can consider all of it. Except horror :smiley: doesnt match the time (early in the morning) and i am not really into that haha

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The good the bad and the weird. EXCELLENT got a mix of everything.

check these as well:

I personally recommend these:

Damn sad i watched those already :weary: @amypun @mahoula But thank you a lot for taking time to answer. I really like those movies as well

I recently saw the movie ‘Somewhere only we know’ It’s a Chinese movie about a young girl in Prague who’s trying to find out what happend to her grandmother in Prague during WWII. It was a very touching movie.

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My favorite movie on Viki:

Others to consider:

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Since you’re watching it with a friend, I would recommend Sunny. It’s a funny movie about the power of female friendship and it stars Kang Sora! I curl up with both this and 200 Pound Beauty whenever I’m in a bad mood.

If you have some extra tears you’d like to get rid of, you can also watch Miracle in Cell #7. It’s not available on Viki, but you can read more about it here.

Comments on movies listed by other people:

  • Little Black Dress was decent. Nothing amazing about it, but it’s a nice one to pass time with. (Just my opinion)
  • I’ve heard really good things about the Bunny Drop manga and anime, so hopefully the movie is good too :slight_smile:
  • I haven’t seen A Werewolf Boy, but I have a friend who can’t go a month without re-watching it :joy:

Miracle and Werewolf are awesome movies loved both!! Thank you for recommending i will definitely look into it :heart_eyes:

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Thank youuuu! Lol for the past 3 years i most probably watched 80% of the asian movies on viki​:joy: And damn i agree Werewolf if a beautiful movie :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::cry:

Page Turner

*Dance of the Dragon (Jang Hyuk)
*It’s Time To Love
*One Day
*Private Eye

  • Four, Lawless Kingdom and Kingdom of Blood (Chinese trilogy with detectives with supernatural powers)
    *Fly High