Happy New Lunar Year 2018! 🎆 🐕

Might be a little late to share New Year first day of happiness but wishing a healthy and lovable new year for this community and their family for 2018 :slight_smile:

Scrolling on the web and wanted to share some photos on Chinese New Year. For this Earth Dog Year, celebrations are shining:

For Korean New Year (Seollal) during Olympic Games, didn’t get to see many photos but it explains what Korean do during Seollal :slight_smile:

What does Dog Year mean?
Mother Teresa was a Gold Dog :flushed:
This year, my nephew will be an Earth Dog among many others (communicative, serious, and responsible in work according to zodiac).

The message I got this year:

“We wish you to be always serene in the face of adversity, in the face of insults and conspiracies.
Namo Amitabha Bouddha”

(My sister told me that there must be a traitor at my work xd LOL :joy: and my mom told me that it should be a good year for me, but she tells me this each new year…)

Longevity, prosperity and good fortune! :fireworks: :dog2: (and Bon appétit with all the delicious food!)


Happy Lunar New Year. 狗年旺旺旺


To all who celebrates…



Thank you~ It’s lovely.

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