Happy New Lunar Year 2020!

Happy new year wishes! Rat zodiac people, it is your year!

What are some traditions you’ve heard of or known for the new lunar year?

Here are a few traditions (it will depend on the Asian country!)

Before the 1st day of the new year:

  • clean all the house
  • prepare special flowers for new year and decorations with the animal zodiac decorations, moon cakes and Asian sweets and lots of fruits!!
  • cook special dishes for new year (at least 1 soup, soup is a must!)
  • try to come back home to be with your family
  • if you are Buddhist, pray for deceased family, light incense and prepare them a few dishes to put on their altar

The 1st day:

  • luck during the new year will depend on the first one to open the door of the house (that is why we’ve tried not to pick my daddy)

  • don’t spend money or you might spend a lot of money all the year

  • don’t cook or do big clean or you will cook or clean all the year, so eat the cuisine you made previously especially for the new year and don’t break anything the first day!

  • gift red envelopes if you have children and grandchildren who don’t work and once working, children gift parents and grandparents red envelopes :slight_smile:


Yes happy Lunar New year!!


Happy New Year!
I just wish that nasty virus wasn’t terrorising most of China and its neighbours…


Yeah, they have canceled New Year festivities in Hong Kong and other cities, the most important day!

Press says they’re building a hospital in 10 days.

It’s pretty horrible. South Korea has been affected as well. :cry:

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We haven’t heard anything about SK here, so I was wondering how was SK doing. They also have the virus in an village in India and many have died already. My favorite Indian nurse at the chemo clinic went last week on vacation, and we’re praying she comes back safe. I walk with the mask on whenever I step outside since I have a very low immune system. It’s scary how diseases are getting so out of control now. Everyone in my family had a horrible flu and now this.

PS In China they are working day and night building a hospital to contain the disease and are using hundredths of machines working 24/7 they expect the hospital to be built in 6 days! Amazing, eh?

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I hope your friend returns safely. Take good care of yourself.

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