Help me identify this French drama


I need your help fellow Viki users. I watched this one French (they spoke French) drama on Viki in 2015. And it’s not on the selection anymore, so I can’t find.

The series was about 10 episodes long. It was about a woman who got banished from her home country to India, (because her relatives wanted her inheritance?). And she became a prostitute. But because she was clever, she ended up owning the whole brothel. Then she falls in love with an englishman (?) and they try to get back to France/England, but it’s not so easy. In the end, they’ll get married and have their own house in France/England.

You should try "Rani’ it might be what you’re looking for, and I remember seeing it on Viki.

Ha ha, I just read a review by La Libération , it seems it’s hilariously kitch and that it was a huge flop.
I am linking it, even if you don’t understand French, because it has a picture that you may recognize.

That’s the right one. Thank you! :grin:

Yes, it wasn’t that high in quality. I just happened to remember it, and tried finding it on Viki. But apparently the viki selection has come down to very few countries.

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It’s not linked to this conversation, but the link of “Moderators: Recruiting” on the drama Juliet directs ppl to my :postbox: XD
Have received pm asking to join as mods, I was scratching my head until I asked: “How did you get my contact? I’m not working on this drama…” :joy: