Help! viki keeps stopping at a black screen!

i cant watch anymore shows on viki because when im in the middle of watching a show and the first set of commercials show up, there’s always a pause after maybe two or three comercials finish, and its getting to the next commercial, it stays on the black screen FOREVER and i keep refreshing it, it goes back to letting me see more comercials, only to do it again. help!!! i have good internet connection, i dont know whats going on. its been 2 days already.

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I haven’t watch any shows i will see if it does that to me?:slight_smile:

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okay. it usually happens on commercials… tho i dont know what will happen if u can watch anything after the 1st 2 commercials

I haven’t watched anything for a while but I only watch on fan channels.

same thing happen to me.

I’m having the same problem! :frowning:

Try sending a request to the Viki Help Center

Hope that helps.

It happens tp me also today

im glad im not the only one! thanks guys, the more people, the more support for whatever is happening to get fixed :confused: hope it does get fixed soon!