Help with the name of this drama?

All I can remember about the drama is that the female lead is in a bus accident and takes the identity of another woman and that the male lead seemed to have a learning disability ?(maybe). He got surgery and was better but it only lasted a short time.

I was wondering about it all day …
I am really unsure because it is so little information.
It’s about a guy in his mid twenties who has a low IQ and gets surgery and becomes normal after that but it doesn’t last for that long and the side effects are threatening to his life.
About the female lead, I don’t recall a bus accident …
So I could be absolutely wrong about it.

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woo that is it lol ty <3 but ya xD i thought there was a bus accident it has been so long since I saw this drama

Glad I could help, I probably saw that drama in 2008 my first year in K-dramaland, so I really don’t remember too much about the details.
But if it’s the one you were looking for, then that’s enough.

You’re right about the bus accident. It’s in the first episode.