Help :(

A few days ago I noticed that the time comments are not parallel with the video I watch . For example if there is a comment about something that happens in the video I read that before seeing that part … Does anyone know why it is like that and what I can do about that?
I would be happy if someone can help me because the comments are very important to me
Thanks in advance

ahhh, i thought i was the only one who noticed this. its funny bc the comments are some of the funniest things to read :smiley: so if anyone finds out or fixes it that would be wonderful

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I don’t think it’s something users can fix (?)
You’re probably best sending the help center a message about which channel (or all?) so they can check it out.

Oh, that I think is because of the adds, dramaaa you are a QC right? if you are you will see the timed comments off, that happen to me as well, but since there is people that has to wait until adds over and we don’t we see what they write instead of the adds.

I´m not a QC yet (I hope to accomplish soon T-T) but i use AD Blocker so is it because of that ?

Oh, is the same thing, the main point is that you are not seeing adds, so think like you just cut that space and the comments that people with adds do you see them before the scene comes.I don’t think they can do anything about it, cause they would have to do timed comments for vikians with add and different timed comments for people with no adds, I think we just have to endure lol, same happens to me.

Okay thank you very much : )

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But I thought the commercials pause the video. (And I mean, if people get different ads, wouldn’t the timing be off for everyone?) I’d have thought the comments were timed to the actual video time-log or whatever it is…?

I have no idea, but this same subject was a topic not so long ago and that was the conclusion lol is not a new thing. I mean since the adds, If we think about it it will pause the video for the people with adds not for QCs or for users with adblocker, you know what I mean, so those comments that they made we will see them before because our video has no pause. Let me see if I can find that topic.

I think it’s because the original adds get cut out. For example in Reply 1994. The comments were always off and I wondered why. But last week I noticed that when an Episode is uploaded it still has the korean adds in it. After a few hours or days the adds got cut out but the time of the comments remained. Maybe it’s because of that?

I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM AND ITS SOOO MADDENING!!! i dont want to spoil every second of the show im watching because of the comments,but i want to read the comments!!! they are soo funny!! im so upset because of this problem T.T

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Same here T-T