Heres a cool question for you!

anyone dream about your favorite drama and you are in it , a part of it somehow? well I did! really strange to be sure! and of course, the legend of the blue sea!

Lucky! I can’t really lucid dream or anything, so I don’t even remember my dreams most of the time. I really wish I could.

How was it?

yes, the last dream with k-drama it was with weightlifting fairy kim bok joo

I have dreamed of some celebrities not a particular drama scene, the last one some months ago was Jae Joong, lol.
I can get lucid dreams not as often as I used to, I wake up from depressing dreams. The worst is crying in a dream or when someone dies and the best were when you can fly, which is long time ago. I remember few dreams that happened really really long time ago.

I was one of the mermaids at least thats what I remember, It looked like I was trying to convince our main character to comeback home in the sea. I guess the guy that died of a heart attack and what he said to her affected me more than I thought. I thought it was good anyway. like you I really dont recall my dreams, but this one, wow!

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Wow! Weather like this I dreamt I was the protagonist of the drama that will premiere ‘’ 7 first kisses’’ :flushed:
Just imagine! Lee Min Hoo, Park Hae Jin and Lee Joon Ki inside my dream! :heart_eyes:

wow you got some good ones!

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