Historical novels/dramas

could any of you direct me to more historical dramas?

I saw your other post.

Look at The Sageuk Channel with a lot of historical dramas mentioned on the main page.(You will find the link in the first post mentioned.)
For me my first was

I liked watching them, but I am not an avid fan of these dramas.
Quite often the historical element is mixed with fantasy.

My favorite mix of both subjects

Hope you will find something for you.

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  • Legend of Haolan
  • Secret of Three Kingdoms
  • King’s Woman
  • Empresses of the Palace
  • Legend of the Phoenix
  • Princess Weiyoung
  • Rise of the Phoenixes

There are much more here on VIKI. You can filter them on the mainpage via costume/period/historical. Youtube has also some. And amazon has some historical movies.

thank you! I will check them out

The Sageuk Channel lists them by era, whether it is fact, fiction, or the more recent “faction” - a mix of both. Korean dramas will generally give you a note at the start explaining whether this is factual, or fictional, or has elements of both. :slight_smile:

Chinese dramas do not. So…it is useful to look up the historical figures and go from there as far as what actually happened. In some cases though, it’s quite correct. :slight_smile:

I am surprised the previous folks did not bring up our most recent and quite good dramas of the historical and based on historical Chinese here…

  1. The Story of Ming Lan - this is a work that is very much like Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice - it is a fictional story based on the facts of the time, incorporating some of the events and actions of the history and mostly focusing on the household of the people who are the main characters. Although we have just got this one at the start of 2019, it is being seen over and over by some people already, 73 episodes and give it a few to get rolling. :slight_smile:

  2. I echo the NIRVANA IN FIRE - the original, the one drama that stands over all. It is a fictional story based on a real dynasty - and it is truly unmatched in the world. 54 episodes of do NOT do anything else but watch this. Find the Chinese version with subtitles, IMHO. (It is here dubbed as well, but I am not a fan of dubbing…) GIVE NIF A FEW EPS TO GET GOING…as the story is ONE GIANT PLOT LINE and you have to pay VERY close attention from the opening scene. :slight_smile:

  3. Rise of Phoenixes - is by the same folks who did NIF. It is VERY good also. it is fictional entirely BUT it is very technically good, the acting is good, and this will hold your interest. I have now seen it twice and on the second viewing it moved up some more. It too is complex. :slight_smile:

  4. Okay I should put in a GOOD WORD for the K DRAMA HERE - HAECHI - VERY GOOD. Please watch this one too. :slight_smile: I need to watch it again!

  5. Well, it’s hard to not put forward the drama that a lot of people love…it’s not my ultimate favorite, but Story of Yanxi Palace is dramatic…some history maintained, and a teflon girl lol. You’ll see what i mean. Qing dynasty, Qianlong Emperor.

  6. It is the OTHER SIDE of the coin given us by Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace. Two takes on the same Emperor, the same ladies…who is evil, who is not…you may read the facts of things but…these dramas labor to give you “more”. Ruyi…is 87 episodes long, takes a bit to get into, and has FOUR remarkable OST in it…and some good acting as well. A lot of cultural and other notes in this one too. Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Emperor.

  7. And Ruyi is actually a sequel to a very good and older drama, “Legend of Zhen Huan”. This drama is really good, very dramatic, some history involved, very romantic… Qing Dynasty, father of the Qianlong Emperor, some carryover of persons like Zhen Huan. One of the most lovely songs is in this drama …

  8. Now to some fantasy… Historical fantasy of the powerful writer Jin Yong should NOT be missed…I would recommend an old but good drama, still MUCH ADMIRED and we have it here - Legend of Condor Heroes. Three empires…some actual historical people…and four actors who will need little introduction to you. :slight_smile: Contrast your Hu Ge here…with Nirvana in Fire. :slight_smile:

  9. Sound of the Desert - we don’t have it here, it’s a fantasy - but it also has Hu Ge’s DRAFT of Mei Changsou (NIF) and you’ll see how this fits as the Ninth Lord… :slight_smile: Eddie Peng is ALSO quite good in this.

  10. Legend of Qin - it’s here at viki - has some interesting moments. I admit though I watch this for the comedy - and the second couple…Michelle Chen and a remarkable actor, Lu Yi. You’ll see what I mean. Get past the yelling of the one girl’s name over and over and there are some good moments here. There are several good stories rolled into one…and some moments that will break your heart…romance…it’s just the main couple that aren’t really …why I watch it again. :slight_smile:

  11. UNTOUCHABLE LOVERS. Worst name for a good drama and wow, we have an awesome Young Emperor - a performance that shows a star on the rise here. We have menke, and historically right happenings…a princess who demands and gets her own harem…and a lot of other things Liu Song had as a short but bizarre dynasty. :slight_smile: Then the drama SHIFTS…to another land in the middle. Look for my notes to aid the viewer as it is odd but we get more villains as a lot of them aren’t around to fight it out by that episode… :slight_smile: I am wishing for the time to watch this one AGAIN end to end. So cool. :slight_smile:

  12. Song of Phoenix. Bear with the first 15 minutes of this and then you’ll mostly find romance, story of kingdoms long gone, POETRY AND MUSIC that is exceptional…at the start of each episode, a quote from Qu Yuan’s actual work. :slight_smile:

Okay there’s more, I need to get some time and add the Chinese dramas to the channel I have curation of for this on the K drama side. :slight_smile: Empresses of the Palace is a six episode synopsis of Legend of Zhen Huan, by the way. SEE THE LONG VERSION. You will not be sorry!

So many more to mention. Sigh.

whoops forgot ASHES OF LOVE - good fun…main girl, not so much but the men and most of the women in this are pretty good. action, romance, etc…and one seriously AWESOME END OST BY SA DINGDING. Whenever I need to get my spirits up off the floor, I go watch THAT!

(I am going to stop writing now, eat lunch and move on with the day but this topic is awesome and so many good dramas…so little time!)

Wait. Advisors Alliance, and Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon - yes, THIS ONE TOO - and…Three Kingdoms (2010) - both of these are incredible and much better than Secrets of the Three Kingdoms - if you see all three, you’ll probably see the logic to this. :slight_smile: Or maybe you’ll like Secrets better.

Totally fictional but a good drama - Ice Fantasy.

okay you have viewing for like two years between all our posts! Please enjoy!

If we continue with fantasy the list will become even longer xD

I really like Listening Snow Tower. It’s more serious (from the atmosphere) than other fantasy dramas, but that’s one reason why I like it so much.

oh my goodness! I have watched some of them and really enjoyed them. I haven’t gotten to the phonexix yet, but will plan to. ashes of love about finished with it. so I got some watching to do!! thanks so much for taking the time to share with me!