ok being I am new here, got some questions about the (Americanese) holidays what do the “Asians believe” I am sure they don’t celebrate Thanks giving like we do, But what about the Christmas? “the reason for the season” if you will. I have seen some shows that they had Santa. and forgive me for being short sighted, but I do want to know. do they celebrate the Birth if Christ or celebrate giving gifts. sheesh, I am stumbling on this one!. again I apologize if I am offending anyone about this . so if you will inform me, and do pass along some shows I can watch, the Asian variety.holidays.
my favorite is “white Christmas”

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Mary, there is lots of info you can actually google. Regarding Thanksgiving Korea has Chuseok in September which is a Harvest Day Celebration. Koreans do celebrate Christmas Day 12/25. In Korea they have multiple religions so some are asians mixed with western custom. Here is a list of the Holidays:


thank you so much! , well I feel like I have been to class! I learned a lot!

Additionally, even though they have separate religious houses, the religious leaders often “help” celebrate each others holidays. A person can even go to the Christian church on Sunday and to the temple on Monday. Religions are not so divided as in the Western world. In Korea there is even a statue (I forgot its name), kinda round or slightly squared layered tall stone with intricate decor, which symbolises unity between all the religions.

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thanks really appreciate the insight on this. learning a lot.

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The holidays that comes with observing Lent.