How are teams formed?

I am rather new to volunteering on Viki. So I just wanted to ask the more experienced people here about how this works.
I have been looking forward to being a moderator for some shows. But I don’t know how to recruit people to be on your team.
I was just hoping some of you can help me know about how you form your teams. Maybe some of us might find this helpful to finishing the dramas they already have.

I see you have taken part very actively in quite a few projects since last March when you first joined. Some of them as moderator, but subtitling a great part of the episodes on your own.
I assume you work in Arabic. I’ve been told by other Arabic mods that it’s very difficult to find subbers in this language.
What we usually do is

  1. Put a notice here, on Project Board with a title like this one:
    [K-DRAMA] Arabic subbers needed for “I Love You Oppa”

  2. Put a notice on your own profile page.

  3. This was available before, it’s not available anymore: Putting a notice on your cover page. Nowadays there is no cover page for languages other than the 10 “main ones”, so none for Arabic, Greek and the like.
    This also is not available anymore, because there are not Arabic cover pages. Look at the cover pages of recently completed dramas in Arabic, they will have a list of the subbers on the Arabic team.

  4. Put the subtitle language in Arabic and go watch the end of the last episode of some recently finished dramas, then, when the team credits come, pause the video and copy the list of Arabic subbers. Do this for many dramas and keep the list on a document on your computer. Then don’t write to all of them asking them to come to your project. If you don’t know them, some of them might not be good at all. What to do? It’s a lot of work, but you have to visit their profiles one by one
    ( - Put the person’s username instead of “irmar”)
    Go to "Recent contributions and check their work. Write some notes near your list for every one of them, they will serve you well in the future. I have three headings: Good, Medium and Bad.
    Then send a message only to those who can write properly. If there are not enough good ones, and you’re good at teaching, you may even help them improve.


Thank you so much for your help. :smiley:
Number 4 is a really good idea that I’ve never thought of before :+1:


How I usually work when I get a channel.

  1. PM a few people I want on my team such as the chief editor a few seggers and some people I know might be interested in moderating.
  2. Then I go through the pile of PM’s and make a list of who wants what position and when I’m done with that I will select a person after checking their profile and such (I do check how much experience someone has and/or how much projects someone has etc.It’s just handy to know who has experience and who doesn’t so you can give that person some more information).
  3. I promote my new channel on my old channel and ask others to promote if they also have a project with the same actor/actress.

And if I have more spots to fill after a little while I just PM some more people I enjoyed working with or I see do a good job on other projects. For seggers I also check who recently graduated and PM a few to offer them a first project to work on.

I never invite to many people in one go and yes I do invite people over I don’t really know. So yes I would advise you to just look around who’s also volunteering in your language and just send them a PM. That always works better then waiting for people to come to you, specially when you are new.