How can you lock the Editor for non-team members?

I have been told that some uninvited subber was messing up two shows I’m moderating. (Romantic Comedy Drama Specials part 1 and part 2)
He doesn’t really translate. He either goes to every episode and adds the credits, put three full stops (…), or just copy pastes one unrelated sentence even in places where the English subtitles are not ready yet. All this, presumably, to gain points and become QC or something.
I will write a separate post to report him.
In the meanwhile, I’ve locked the subtitles in my language, but there were some subbers working on them and now our work is halted!

I wrote to support to ask them to lock the entrance to Subtitle Editor to non team members. I wonder why some shows have it and some have not.

I hope this is resolved without having to contact him, because he is a very rude individual who, when angered, lashes out very viciously. He has sent an extremely vulgar message to two of my Italian colleagues.

Is it an old series?

I can’t find documentation for it, but this is what I remember was said about it (so I might also be wrong about details). For licensed on-air series, the channel team is locked to any members not on the team. But some xx amount of time after a series completes its broadcast, the channel is ‘unlocked’ such that any member can contribute, whether they’re on the team or not.

If it’s a current series, you might want to message a community manager and ask them about it.


We have this problem where… we need to see team discussions even if we are not on the team.

I stopped signing up for shows as a subtitler as I can no longer come in regularly every episode. I only signed up as a segmenter since we have lots and lots like hundreds of segmenters.

Locking the editors completely is very very annoying for editors of viki channels. I can’t consult anymore for shows I am not officially on the team for. I am reluctant to sign up because to me that means I will contribute every ep to the best of my ability!!!

I sometimes enter the editors to give feedback on posed questions or find answers (more latter). An example would be me hunting in Neighborhood Jo Deul Ho for legal terms. It was the most legal heavy show recently completed. I was on Memory and wanted to know how certain things were subtitled.

Now I cannot do this anymore. Team Discussions is such a wonderful learning place…

As requested for multiple years is it possible for us to create a role called power subtitler or power editor where we can subtitle just like the power segmenters can segment?

Thank you.

P.S. I do also find it annoying that COMPLETED channels in ENGLISH are open (the subtitle editor or seg timer) so that we have plagiarizers and abusers on projects from SEVERAL years ago. Moderators have to spend time to defend the channel from invaders. What a waste of time.

I remember a recent incident where 1000s of 0.1 segments were created on completed channels. @.@

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Exactly! I feel likewise. I hope ‘locking on-air’ channels as ‘designated channels’ can still be made available to other subbers/editors somehow.

Solution to separate the team discussion from the editing parts so editing is locked from those not on the team but team discussions are still visible?

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Not a bad idea. But still, if people like @sophie2you or others who come and give generous help on little things wouldn’t be able to do it on the Editor, just suggest in the Team discussions and someone else would have to do it. More lengthy.

Yes, it’s an older series, like one year or more, because some of the Drama Specials in them are from 2014 and if I remember correctly even 2015.

I just received a mail from Viki support:
It said: The channels you’ve listed have been placed on the Designated Channel list.

I suppose this means that now non members cannot access them. Good!
Viki support has been quick on that!