How do I stop receiving notifications?

I’m following a bunch of dramas, sure, but what does that have to do with being notified about another drama that barely has anything to do with the one that I’m following ?
The worst part is that I’m receiving way too many. How do I turn them off ?


If you are getting notifications about upcoming dramas or dramas that need help with licences, they are sent from the channel manager of one of the dramas you follow (and/or are a language moderator of - Not 100% sure about this). Only way to stop them is finding that drama and unfollowing it. Check who the sender is and what dramas they manage.


Thank you for the reply and explanation! :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s a nuisance. That’s why I only follow very few dramas, the ones I’m afraid that will disappear if we don’t give them love and the ones I’m actively trying to get a license for.
I used to have “Following” as a “to watch list”, but then I made a “To watch” collection and I unfollowed all of them. Much less spam as a result!


Oh, that’s a great suggestion. Thank you! :slight_smile:


I wish there is a way to stop this too. I do get these from dramas that I don’t follow. And sometimes, it’s about 4 - 5 same messages from the same person. Or certain people are trigger happy and keep sending updates. Sigh…

If you scroll up you will find my suggestion for a “homemade” solution.

She mentions that they’re channels she doesn’t follow.

I get messages like that too. They get sent to my inbox and not the notifications box, so it’s not through the following feature. There are some users who seem to collect lists of usernames (from channel walls maybe?) and more-or-less spam with messages promoting dramas every so often. And I also get duplicate messages sometimes.

I don’t believe the user(s) have any malicious intent, but it can get annoying.Technically, it is spam, which is against terms of use and reportable, I think.

@shaldane168 Have you tried asking them to remove your name from their lists? I wonder if it would even be effective though.

If the message is under the “Notifications” tab then it’s definitely from a channel manager.
I was getting some from someone and wasn’t sure why… Turns out someone added me as a Greek Language Mod in a drama (without my knowledge) and that’s where they were coming from. I messaged the channel manager to remove me and the messages stopped.

If there are people with “messaging lists”, or people who send TOO many notifications, then Viki must give them a warning or something…

Then it must be Channel Managers of shows she has worked in as part of the team.
Those are the only bulk messages a Channel Manager or Moderator can send: either to followers or to team members.
Otherwise, as Nikos rightly says, if it were just a list one made into a Word document or something, they wouldn’t come in Notifications but in the normal Inbox.

Tried that but it’s never ending…kinda of given up. :cry:

You only have 21. I have about 300 unread messages :sweat:. 40% notifications, 45% project finder messages 10% notifications I can seg at projects and 5% of other people who asked things and such I tend to forget about lately as I get so many project finder messages. I wonder if there is a way to stop those.

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I agree, it’s massively annoying. Having to unfollow dramas and create custom lists just to avoid being spammed from a channel manager is irritating.


It is somehow irritating, you’re right. But for now it’s the only method, and you get used to it quickly, it becomes an automatic habit.
I only follow channels until they get the license, then I unfollow them. There are only a couple of classics that will always stay in my follow list for fear they will be taken down, licenses not renewed etc.
And the custom lists are much more convenient. I have only three: To watch, Watching now, Interesting to ask for (the ones that don’t have a moderator in my languages).
In the “Following” there are bound to be many which aren’t on viki yet - or will never be. But in my “To watch” list there are only existing dramas, so it’s quick and easy, whenever I finish one and want to start a new one, to go to the list and pick one from those.

Ok - now I’m getting notifications when I stopped following the drama 4 months ago!! 4 from the same Channel Manager in 9 days for a drama I already unfollowed! So even not-following a drama is not working anymore. It’s like spam!

Also, I’ve started watching Viki on my Roku a lot, but I can’t see my custom lists there. So it’s even more frustrating that if I want to easily find a drama, I have to follow it and get spammed. I always preferred viki over dramafever but one thing they did right was having the recent drama you were watching right there for you to resume rather than having to hunt for it every time you log in.

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You can simply “unfollow” the channel you have in your following list. I think it takes time to process.
PLEASE let’s not forget that getting those notifications can secure us a license for upcoming dramas somehow or else we will get nothing :frowning: Everything is for a reason so don’t feel angry.

By the way, make sure you are not following the drama you are receiving the notification.

I hate the spamming but at the same time it’s the only way we can use to reach as many people we can to fill in the title request for,m and to follow a channel so Viki can see how much a certain drama is on demand on Viki. Maybe the form or followers are not even a huge factor wether or not something gets licensed but we don’t know the process so we try everything we can.

So I spam in moderation as I know it’s annoying at times.

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