How have K-dramas changed your perception of American television?


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one of the things I am repeating I think, about american tv, movies etc. I don’t like the so much of swearing I mean almost every 4th word or so. all that education and have to use all that gutter talk, so redicilous.

but in the asian countries, maybe one or two swear words. . and they also do have some of those “gutter” words.

I also dont like the “battles” fighting for no reason.

But then saving someone, a girl and whatever else. the Asians have a way that its ok to fight yeah at the drop of a hat so to speak. .

I would rather watch an asian drama than an american one. sure the asians can be dirty too. but seems milder than the american ones…


I feel like American drama has more reality to it compared to Korean drama. If I want to watch someone else’s life that’s a little bit realistic I go and watch American drama.
I also have come very sensitive when it comes to sex scenes. Asians tend to be more preserved so they don’t have a lot of sex scenes, but Americans… oh boy.


Have you watch the asian version of american pie with Ha Ji Won? I was in total shock bc in american TV american pie was more clean and funny.

Go and watch this Asian movie and then we’ll talk more about this subject.: ASIAN NUDITY, SEX, CRIME etc… CAN’T GET MORE REAL THAN THIS ONE HERE.


ok,ok you made your ooint! yes the shows you mentioned i do watch. and i have watched those chinese dramas too. so you are right.


Ahhh It’s not on viki. I’ll search for it online and get back to you :smile_cat:


This one is on viki or are you talking about ha ji won american pie version?


Ha Ji Won american pie version is on Youtube that’s where I saw it a while back


Oh. I was talking about the american pie one. I’ll watch A special lady and get back to you. lol


I still enjoy American TV however, I wish they put more effort into the music department! I buy so many osts for Asian television!! The US not so much, I did purchase the Shadow Hunters one as there were 2 songs I really liked from that show. I also wish they would stop destroying good shows. I love that when you start an Asian TV show it already has a beginning and an end. They are not going to stretch it for every penny and ruin the show and characters in the process. Or maybe a show won’t even get an ending because they decided it was a terrible investment! So annoying! While Asian tv shows do have a beginning and an end I become loyal to the writers/cast and can’t wait to see what they are in next! With Korean TV I also like how you get 2 new episodes a week!! I wish American TV would take some lessons to improve upon American TV.


American TV and Asian TV are 2 totally different things you can never compare one with the other nor expect one to change like the other one, bc it doesn’t make sense at all. In USA we have singers or actors not singers and also actors. In Asian countries you have Kpop, Idols etc… they don’t have Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Bruno Mars to name a few etc… they only sing, not act and sing like most Asian idols do.

Main themes on American movies/dramas are action packed, suspense and the romance part mainly falls in a ‘‘bed scene’’ The romance, in Asian dramas are some fake robotic kisses, 3 men in love with 1 girl like if there was no other woman on earth, and the beautiful OST created specifically for that drama. This is something that comes from their culture, and what the people like and expect to see in those shows, dramas or movies. In USA society is more open in Asian countries we all know are more strict but that doesn’t make one worst than the other. What they are doing is what any wise business person would do provide the viewers of that country what they ‘‘like’’ and happily walking richer to the bank. Making the money that’s what TV is all about.

I think as much as I respect your opinion, the fact that you are criticizing ‘‘American’’ shows/dramas so much, and glorifying Asian dramas when they both have its flaws, is really unfair on your part. You need to understand American TV has nothing to improve, unless the other countries also improve, bc I can give you a long list of things Asian TV lacks(and for your information is not a bed scene since I hate those one too).


Thanks for your response!

I am not asking American Television to turn into Asian television. I love both and love the differences in the shows. I am not comparing anything other than the desire for American TV to put more effort into the music and to stop dragging out shows/never ending them.

I am a very musically moved person and I just don’t find most American TVs to put any effort into tv show soundtracks. Music really makes a difference to me. There are some shows I think were terrible but I loved the music so much sometimes I forget that I didn’t really even think the show was that great. (Tamra Island, Chuno, American Horror story Hotel also had great music). I don’t just mean the Kpop songs I love the instrumentals too. Why couldn’t Beyonce sing a song for a TV show? Some of the music I love in Kdramas is not even Asian music. I love the slow version of Stairway to Heaven that is used in the drama Stairway to Heaven. The music is definitely lacking in most US shows.

Again I love US TV. They think of some great shows. American Horror Story is actually a favorite as every season has a beginning and and end. I am excited that Game of Thrones is only having one more season. Some examples of some shows that tv just didn’t know when to stop: Gossip Girl. The 1st 2-3 seasons were great but then they just kept going for like 6 seasons and everyone had dated each other and their parents (okay only 1 of the teen’s dads dated his son’s best friend that she had loved in a past season). It would have been an amazing show if they just stopped had an ending and left us wanting more. Lost was a very intriguing show but again kept going and going and I lost interest and stopped watching same with Heroes and Orange is the New Black . I could name tons more. Some Asian shows do have some slow episodes but the majority that I watch are 16-50 episodes. There are some American shows that work with lots of seasons like Walking Dead still is good imo. Right now I am loving Stranger Things both seasons were great but I get so nervous that they are going to draw it out and it will lose its awesomeness!!

Then there are the dropped shows like Alphas, Firefly (thankfully they made a movie for closure!), Carnivale, Terminator, The Lying game, and 4400 are some examples. (BBC did this too!! With Survivors)… :frowning: They end a season with cliffhangers and don’t do another season for closure. They should really decide before a season ends if they are going to drop a show or not.

I don’t want American TV to become Korean TV. I just want good music and a beginning and an end. And maybe 2 episodes a week…lol…but I can do without that one I guess. ;D


Ironically I only learned about this movie through the Korean drama Love Rain! lol! :joy: :joy: The music is really nice!

I have 4 kids and just have not watched any new movies in years so yea…can’t name any newer ones with good music (that aren’t musicals)but I can say I do love a lot of 90s movies soundtracks: Braveheart, My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Last of the Mohicans, Pretty Woman, Triple X, and Interview with the Vampire to name a few. Queen of the Damned came out in the early 2000s and the movie was terrible but I loved the soundtrack!


They used this song for a SK movie I saw recently, which by the way is really good although is about crime. The song is from Joan Faye (Shin JiHoon) The title is Wild Rose Hills

I only like movies like The Avengers part 1,2 and 3 /Harry Potter/ Jumanji/Jurassic Park/ The sixth sense/ Galaxy of the Guardians etc. Movies that involves fantasy or a little suspense and/or mystery.
I’m not too much into the romantic type movies/dramas so nothing comes to my mind, sorry.

At the beginning here at this site I loved the romantic drama but when I saw in every drama the same story plot repeated over and over again, I was totally turned off. Except for Hwayugi, bc it involved fantasy and romance and I hated the end but it was really worth watching. I’m watching now: ‘‘My husband Mr. Oh’’ but is a little boring in some parts, so I skip a lot of parts.I hope someone else here can suggest something.
In my page I have the reviews of the dramas I like and why I like them if you want to check. Since I have Amazon Fire Stick/cable and Netflix I see many movies and even dramas from all countries.


The biggest reason i like k-dramas more is because of the length of the shows. I don’t like how western shows drag on year after year. It causes actors and actresses to get tight casted and we can never see the full potential of the actor. Shorter dramas also give a wide variety of shows to watch, so I have plenty of options. I also like how korean actors separate their personal life (political opinions, dating life, personal opinions) to themselves. It drives me crazy how western actors think that need to be apart of every aspect of my life.


While thats true for k-drams movies are a whole different story. The rating is very different form western ratings so you can walk into something you weren’t expecting. The cursing in movies is very extreme and the movies tend to have a lot of graphic sex scenes. so thats just something I’ve notices as another difference.


"In Western shows or movies the girl kisses and you guess the rest but you never see the actual ‘’ penetration’’ like you see in many Asian dramas ". I had no idea VIKI had ‘penetration’ dramas. I’m watching my #305th drama and have yet to see one. I mostly watch Korean dramas and have seen Taiwanese & Chinese dramas. KDramas still interest me the most. As for opinions and “criticizing”, maybe I’m wrong, but I was thinking that the discussion section is for sharing opinions and tastes about dramas. If two opinions contrast, then I guess, often people on either side might take the other’s thoughts as criticism, but I don’t, unless there is ‘culture shaming’. I can’t see anything wrong with saying why you prefer american to korean dramas, when you talk about characters & stories, or to comment of how much sex there is etc. Earlier in this discussion page you said:
“But in K-drama the girl is always dirt poor and dumb and the guy is the rich CEO. Time and time again, that’s what the story is all about. If, by chance the girl has a profession and earns some money she’s dumb, and gets manipulated/used/abused by everyone around her.”
Some may say that’s criticism, but I don’t because you are sharing with us your view of the weaknesses in kdramas. Just as many others have shared what they don’t like about American dramas. It’s just an opinion. However, when dislike of certain drama tropes & characters turns to culture shaming, that’s completely different. For example when some commenters in Viki Comments Sections project the characters’ actions in a drama onto koreans in general, for example calling korean’s stupid, gross, dirty or violent, assuming that what they see on tv is what every korean is like, that’s upsetting, Using the same parameters then, after watching reruns of Dexter, The Sopranos or Breaking Bad from American TV, some other cultures might assume that all americans carry guns, do drugs and are serial killers. Opinions are all good. I’ve read this page with great interest and found many commenters I’ve agreed with, and many others I’ve learned from. Above all, I’m happy to be able to find out what others from all the different regions think globally. Thank you Viki Community.
You rock!


yes I do watch the Chinese dramas, movies. the shows you mentioned, yes I watched them too Iron man, 1/2/3 hulk, etc.


American television does seem more sexual than kdramas but at the same time I actually want more physical affection from kdramas. I’m not saying kdramas should show sex scenes like American shows; I want to see more kissing or holding hands. I feel like I have to wait for at least half a season to past before the main characters share a two second kiss on kdramas.

I’ve also realized how diverse American shows look compare to kdramas. So far in the kdramas I’ve seen, most of the characters are very slim and very pretty. I don’t see a lot of plus sized characters —and the kdramas about the character being “beautiful” then turning “ugly” or vice versa, I don’t understand because the “ugly” characters don’t look ugly to me (but beauty standards are subjective and varies in different cultures so I get that). I don’t like seeing the “ugly” character as someone who wears glasses and has messy hair. I think American tv have more variety in their character’s physical appearance, meaning there’s characters of different sizes and different looks.

I also wished female characters fought back more often in kdramas. I would watch a show where the female character would leave the male character behind because he was a jerk but she would come back later on. I know the show may be a romance drama but why keep turning back to jerk (even though he has a soft side you see every once in a while). In some romantic kdramas the male character is a jerk and always insulting the female character and she still goes for him because of his soft side.


But I also like the all parts of Avengers