How have K-dramas changed your perception of American television?


Don’t you think you’re being too much? The topic is how have k-dramas changed your perceptive of american tv, right? So when people in the comments say well i like this part of k-dramas more than in western tv or specifically american tv, why are you getting so damn triggered? If you don’t like hearing others opinions why do you go to the discussion section of viki? Is everything okay in your life, like I don’t know why you’re trying to start somethin’ in the comments section.
First of all, SIS, i don’t know any drama or tv show that doesn’t disrespect humans or lower the value of human life. In the real freaking world humans are not treated perfectly all over the place, so please come back from your utopia. You are literally using one example the entire time to justify your own twisted point. have you only watched five k-dramas and then made your opinion? I could give you lists of dramas with descriptions way different from your one size fits all description. Also, have you WATCHED western dramas (not just Disney channel and Nick Jr.) Tune into ABC, the CW, and TLC sweetie, you’ll understand EXACTLY what I’m talking about. ! In asian dramas (not movies since you can’t grasp the idea that they are different), sex is HARDLY ever mentioned and when it is brought up the scene AUTOMATICALLY becomes awkward and the women ALWAYS is the first to say “kekeke stop” In western dramas they will show the kissing and everything in between. I don’t know what western dramas you’ve watched, but this is INACCURATE. You should have sat down and ate your food because this is not it.
There are pleanty of people who could care less about the personal lives of celebrities, but i know that may be too hard for you to understand since your world view is so narrow.
And also who the hell are you to tell me who i can and cannot criticize.
For your information I happen to be one of those western people so I know how our way of life is, but since your head is so far up your you now what it must be hard to see. I don’t care about your feelings or if your offended by the people having different opinions. Please remember to take your pills so the internet does not have to deal with your wild behavior. Thank you hun! Have a blessed day.


As a bystander of this thread I was amazed how aggressive this post was directed at one person. You might not know this, but such personal attacks are a violation of this community’s rules and even generally speaking are considered rude and inappropriate. I understand you are angry and I agree with some of the objective points you’ve made. I have been found guilty of such outbursts myself. But due to the tone of the post I flagged it to the Viki staff.

I wish you would re-write your post, using the same points you’ve already made above, without the personal jabs.


As a bystander to the thread you failed to notice how aggressive the other commenter was to everyone else they disagreed with. Honestly I’m amazed at your comment and your in ability to be objective while requiring that I be objective. I didn’t realize we were close enough to scold each other, but if that is the case go ahead and correct me. If you are a bystander act like one don’t pretend to be the judge.


We are not close and we do not need to be for me to notice and comment the way I did.

I also know the “other side” and have repeatedly done the same as I have with you.

If you want your comments to be heard, express them in a way which doesn’t offend anyone. Because right now I guarantee you all people hear is your anger.


I watched that Ha Ji-Won’s movie (Sex is Zero) many years ago & was totally shocked! But if you come to think positively,at least Ha Ji-Won was clean in it :smiley: (yes, that’s her friends, but she wasn’t involved in any explicit scene!) --actually in Asian film industry, there’re many R-rated (+B grade) movies where sex and violence are available, but in TV dramas,they avoid any kinda sexuality. And overall,there’re many A-listed actresses in Korean industry (like Jun Ji-Hyun, Shin Min-a,Song Hye Kyo) they never did any bed scenes in movies too. just consider Jun Ji-Hyun,having a successful movie career, she did ‘Il Mare’, ‘My Sassy Girl’, ‘Windstruck’, ‘Daisy’- all these romantic movies-but even there were no kissing scenes ! (until 2010,‘no kissing’ was written in her contract! just she went to perform in a chinese-american production in 2011 and got Hugh Jackman and it was all over :stuck_out_tongue: ) in western cinema world, it would be impossible,in this reserved condition,she couldn’t do a single romantic movie! So although there’re many genres,overall people don’t get so attached out of nowhere in asian movies-dramas (of course,excluding too cheesy ones!) and I often found portrayal of such kinda life relatable and likeable :slight_smile:


I have to laugh at this comment! Thank you for the entertainment! Have a gr8 night honey. You’re guidance and inspirational words… I needed that!

Also, sis, preattack I addressed my opinion on the topic so asked and answered. By the way, you are also glorifying one and attacking the other. Let me give you a bit of cultural slang, since you can’t grasp the “sis” comment (shame on you, shame on you). “Sis” can mean two things. 1: a close friend I’m about to spill tea to and 2: when you’re talking on the internet and someone got you mad. You can live in Nebraska for all I know so just because we are in the US (and I didn’t even tell you I was from there) does not mean we are connected.

Anyway!1!1! Have a great night hun!


ok-ok- of course R rated movies do exist almost in all film industry (also B grade vulgar movies!) and appearance in sex scene doesn’t make any brilliant actor/actress bad–so goes about movies (if the storyline really demands,why not! )–but actually the discussion topic is all about TV dramas and you have to admit the fact (sensitiveness and cultural things) ! And for movies, I just mentioned the things I liked- even a kiss scene was not necessary for some good Asian romantic movies let alone sex… but it does not imply that I only got to like those innocent movies only… from ‘The Handmaiden’, ‘Comrade: Almost a love story’, ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ to ‘American Beauty’ -there’re many…but as it’s already mentioned, many people do prefer Korean/overall Asian dramas from their perspectives- many men many minds,it’s all our choice-Hollywood movies and American shows are worldwide popular too-so why so hurt- just cheers :slight_smile:


I think it would be useful to go back to the top and re-read the topic and the first post:


Right now with all the stuff going on I can’t even watch anything very negative, no thrillers, no mysteries, and although I agree with you about Boys over Flowers, and in general the poor girl and the rich guy thing, I really love the 2018 Meteor Garden. It got me hooked on C-dramas. The character development is really good. There is a scene that reminds me of my favorite verbal smackdown in Pride and Prejudice. I was pretty surprised to find out just how significant a hug is in Asian films. I’m learning a lot about social/cultural differences.


Have you ever seen Jean de Florette & Manon of the Spring? I highly recommend them, but see them together or you will be too angry at the end of the first one. I had to wait years for the second. They are French films.


wow this is an old one, but I will answer this. I love it when I see Korean or Chinese or the rest, they barely touch, and act if its a bad thing, when they meet,

they don’t jump into bed the first date, and excuse me, one drama did that, and don’t remember the name, anyway the USA is so different than our Asian counterparts.

I do love these dramas just because of this, theres a time and place for everything, and I am not a “square” or whatever,

but sex you just wait awhile get to know whoever, first kiss second or third date, holding hands is ok to me, old fashioned common sense, and it should be between the guy & girl at least I think so. so whoever it is in charge keep it up!

Nongmolaurie_51, I don’t like bullying, I watched this one twice, sure it all ended well, but the bullying just didn’t care for it!

guess it made the drama, huh?


Are you talking about Meteor Garden? I definitely get it. I don’t like scary movies, I avoid them like the plague, but I could see that Si, Dylan Wang’s character had potential even if he basically shot himself in the foot early on. It is basically a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, which was one of my favorites long before Disney got it. There are reasons he is the way he is and Shen Yue’s character Shan Cai, doesn’t take anything from him. She stands up to him like nobody else does. The character growth is awesome. I really don’t like the Flowers over Boys oops Boys over Flowers version, but the 2018 version is really good.


really not sure of the title


There are different versions of Meteor Garden/ Boys over Flowers. The current one from 2018 has a really good Soundtrack and an amazing cast. Dylan Wang makes the coming of age progression of Doaming Si very entertaining. Shen Yue as Shan Cai puts up with nothing. They have great chemistry. I couldn’t stand to watch the Boys over Flowers version from about 10 years ago, but even though there are parts where things look pretty bad, Doaming Si redeems himself. Watch, don’t watch it is one of my favorites.


I hadn’t watched it yet, since I was afraid it would be like BOF. Maybe I’ll check it out :laughing:


I’ve tried to watch BOF several times and just can’t. MG 2018 is great but there is one scene that people might have trouble getting past. Just give Si a chance to redeem himself. That is all I’m saying.


Hehehe I’m glad I watched it early in my Kdrama days, and even then I cringed a lot.


I watch K dramas. One of my pet peeves though is I hate seeing slapping scenes when they don’t get what they want. Really hate that. :frowning:


I find that after finding kdramas last autumn (when I finally got broadband and could stream) that I rarely watch American tv now. It seems so crass, rude and insulting to me. and I am not a vouyeur so I am not interested in watching overt sexuality on tv. But then again, American tv has been rude since the days of Archie Bunker and it’s satellite programs in the early 70’s. I actually turned off my tv for a decade because I hated the crassness of that particular segment of American society. When I was in college for my humanities class, I had to write an essay on what impact tv has on the viewer. I complained because I hated tv at that time but to graduate that class, I had to watch a prime time show, a soap opera, commercials, and I forget the other criteria, but anyway write a dissection of those shows and what their impact was. I was mad to have had to watch all those shows, but I aced that essay. (Basically, in fancy language, I described how watching tv made your brain turn to mush) :rofl: :crazy_face:

I have my recent shows saved on DISH but when I try to watch them, I am repulsed by them and switch back to kdramas.

My husband used to tease me when I looked away from provocative scenes. He thought I was silly… To me, that is something for privacy, not for the viewing public so out of respect for their privacy, I look away. (I am old-fashioned) lol I won’t even watch one of my favorite actors (Gong Yoo :star_struck:) in the movie ‘a Man and a Woman’ because of that sex scene almost right off the bat. I just turned it off. That movie is not for me. :dizzy_face: :grin:


I’ve got to agree with you. Since I started watching K & C-dramas, I haven’t gone back. My husband also laughs at me when I turn away from the TMI scenes. There is one scene in my favorite Meteor Garden (2018) that was almost a deal-breaker but I got through it and the rest made up for it. There are some very strong women characters in it. The one-sided hugging where even if a woman really likes the guy she just stands there like a stick was hard for me to get over at first. Mentally I’m cheering her on to get over it and hug the poor guy back. Also the kissing scenes where even though the situation calls for a serious kiss what happens is tentative at best, but that being said, when there are really good kissing scenes, they affect me more. My husband totally supports my new pastime of watching foreign films from Asia.