How likely are you to recommend Viki to someone you know?

So this was the title of an email. In the email there was a question in a language I don’t know. I marked it “zero”. How many years has it been now and they still make this kind of stupid mistake!


I was not there when they sent it but to answer the question of the title :
I recommend it to everyone who wants to watch dramas because (if in watcher shoes) :

  • Legal
  • About 4k shows in their catalogue
  • International website : languages and geography
  • Timed comments
  • TN
  • Translated lyrics
  • Viewers comfort : follow a channel to be updated, collections, watching history, watch on pc/tv/phone/tablet with your history, timed comments on tablet, contact/communication between volunteers/viewers
  • Education : learn mode, watch the same subtitles translated in your mothertongue/other language (I can play in English and if I want to see the same sentence in French, a few clicks and here it is)

In a volunteer shoes :

  • Some viewers might want to become volunteers
  • If they become volunteers, they can watch their subtitles and others too.
  • Legal subbing (no risk for the website to be sued), “legal hobby”
  • Learn segmentation
  • Progress in English and your mothertongue by subtitling
  • Adding experience for a future job in translating/segmenting
  • Join the most awesome community from all over the world : meet new people, make new friends, discuss about your passion with others who share the same passion or discuss about something else and see it in different perspectives from all other the world (the best treasure on Viki in my opinion is people, the human experience)
  • On Viki : learn a little how to manage a project, manage a team, organize and coordinate things with people living in a different country working at different time zones, design, a preview in html/css coding, sharpen your communication skills when talking with volunteers and watchers, learn diplomacy, patience, multitasking, collaboration, experience googlesheet
  • About 4k shows to work on, all of this in 1 website
  • Recruit who you want, pick your own words, come whenever : some freedom in the way we do things
  • Events, gifts

I think I forgot things and there are also things that I like less and some shows are not on Viki or available for a language so impossible to recommend to watch it on Viki. But the website in general, if I had to say yes/no, I will say yes in general because there are more pros than cons in my point of view (strictly my point of view and not everyone’s which I understand and respect). I gained a lot more than what I would have gained elsewhere (the most valuable : friends) and that’s why I’m still there and my friends too.

I don’t say it’s all white and that I’m against things to be better, but I have to recognize that everything is not all black neither.


Hahaha : “legal hobby” ! :joy: You killed me !


That is a hard question to answer.

###Important things for a viewer:

  • licenses and subtitles
  • no bugs with the video player
  • the Viki Pass

Licenses and Subtitles

These days, things are not going well. Popular dramas don’t get licensed on Viki:
Ruler: Master of the Mask
The Best Hit
Bride of The Water God!
Man to Man
My Secret Romance
My Sassy Girl
The Liar and His Lover

And I won’t even mention Chinese dramas.

About the subtitles, no problem about it. The volunteers are present, specially if the drama is Korean and popular.

You have to rely on luck alone and if they get fixed, it always takes days.

####Viki Pass
There are sometimes bugs with it and you need to have a good Internet connection if you want to watch episodes in HD. Otherwise, you will only pay for not having ads.

###Important things for a volunteer:

  • Operational tools
  • An efficient Help Center

Generally, they’re working well but when there is a bug, it takes days to get it fixed. I am talking about the bug with the segmenting tools that was only solved a few days ago.

The HTML that’s not working in the mailbox, the fake microgaps and the network problems are still not fixed.

####The Help Center

So would I recommend Viki to a friend? I probably would but with a loooooooots of warnings.


LOVE your gif, it’s so perfect ! :joy:

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