How many Guys use Viki?


I ask because of this old article I feel kind of offended actually

Where are all the men ? I can't be the only one into K-Drama

Why do you feel offended? :neutral_face:


just the tone of the thing like guys can not enjoy drama? I would much prefer a good drama or comedy then a stupid action film


Guys are outnumbered on Viki but I agree Asian drama’s are for everyone. No matter what gender or age.


Ah I see :smirk:
Maybe guys watch on their partner’s / family’s account :wink:
My partner does haha (we watch it together). But Viki wouldn’t know that and only take my statistics into account.


My husband watches with me. His older favorites are “Faith” and “Two Weeks”. He’s even watched a 100+ daily drama and became a fan of Lee Yoo-ri while watching SBS’s “Daring Women” (2010).


I also do not belong to the demographic pointed to in the article, but I took no offense at it. I didn’t pick up on any vibe to the effect that guys couldn’t enjoy drama. But the statistics are what they are. Even so, look at it this way. According to some figures I found online (which might be a couple of years old), there are 35 million active users of Viki each month. So if the statistics in the article you referenced state that 73% of those users are female, that suggests that 27% are male. And that works out to roughly 9.5 million guys, which is not a small number in my book! So it seems that you’ve got plenty of company. Relax, and enjoy being counted among those who enjoy exposure to other cultures and appreciate good entertainment.


Great INfo thank you


I’m envious. My husband won’t sit with me and watch any of my Dramas. :persevere:


Well, my husband wasn’t interested to begin with (it took about 5 years before he showed any interest).
He sat down one night while I was watching and realized the show was interesting.
We are watching “The Moon Embracing the Sun” now and he’s enjoying it. So, don’t give up :relaxed:


Fingers crossed that you are right. :two_hearts:


I bet there are more than you think! like some of the guys I have talked to, you can leave the “chick flicks” out. but bet they do watch them, they aren’t going to tell you! ok “girls” what about the adventure ones, blood & gore, martial arts etc, do you watch them? so I think its the same, I sure am not going to make fun of a guy watching these dramas! some of these dramas were written by guys, just sayin’.