How often do content requests work

So how often do requests actually get filled ?

Actually there is no way for viewers to find out if a certain drama was licensed because of requests or only because the conditions were good for Viki.
The feeling of sending a request is equal to a voice in the wilderness. You never know, if you are heard. There is no feedback.

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There sould be

We asked Viki staff and the reply was that requests is only one of the factors they take into account, together with number of followers and presumably cost, license availability and perceived future success.

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so why allow requests at all

I think part of the function of a request is to pacify the audience into thinking they are being heard.

I wish we could review our request history. I recall that I put in a request for Oh My General and it got picked up a few weeks later.

Was this a reply to what I wrote that viki staff said, that requests are one of the factors they consider?
Well, then that’s exactly the answer. Because IT IS one of the factors they consider. Wouldn’t they consider cost and popularity? Wouldn’t you, if you were a business?

I can picture them sitting down at a meeting and debating about a bunch of dramas.
“Hmm, this one has some big stars and the channel is asking a ridiculous amount of money…”
“I know, boss, but look, see how many requests!”
“Will it be enough to draw new subscribers?”
“Probably. I say let’s do it”

So it’s worth doing anyway, in my opinion.


True always good to do i guess