How to appear in the VolunteerFinder

I’m new to Viki and would love to start being part of this amazing community. But how would I go about getting my name in the VolunteerFinder to be “found” in the first place. I can’t seem to find the right discussion thread to know this. Could anyone help guide me with this?


Hi, ckateja and I wish you a warm welcome!

So, I’ve checked and I can find you Volunteer finder, when I type in your username. You can view your stats here:

and edit your preferences here:

Just in case, have you already pressed the button “I want to volunteer” on the left side?

Usually, when finding a volunteer, moderators pick those with most experience and best ratings. So, for a beginner it’s no good to just wait for someone to find you. You should actively seek projects and ask moderators of your language if they need some help. You can also try Project finder (under the tab Discussions):

Or you can respond to calls for subtitlers/segmenters found on this forum.

Best of luck!

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