How to delete a thread

Why deleting a thread (if not needed) or any comment is so troublesome here? Why not make it more easier? Discussion forum has heaps of threads. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the correct one from the crowded list.


Not only deleting threads or comments, but also editing your comments is not possible anymore after a certain time. To me it should be possible to edit your comments at any time and especially if you start a thread and want to add additional info later. Right now you have to make a new comment every time and that can make threads very unclear.


Yeah, you said right. Why users can’t delete it directly? I found another thread similar to this.

Even if editing is not possible, what the use of having that thread? May be it can help others but after certain time not every thread seems that useful. To keep forum with wanted threads, i think it should be better to have an option of deletion and that too directly without any further troubles.

Once you create a topic in Discussions, it becomes public property in a way. Imagine if you deleted something somebody else was wondering about and could have found the answer useful.

Editing is prevented after a while which can be a drag. But editing is also something that should be done in moderate measure. I’ve come across more than once a comment edited to such extent that no responses to it made any sense. Instead it would have been better if the user chose to simply reply.