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I kind of got curious if anyone knows how the algorithm for the TOP PICKS FOR YOU sections works.
Other sites are able to show me different things, but the way it works on Viki confuses me often. On one hand it shows me shows, I’m already following and watching and on the other hand stuff so unrelated and opposite my interests.
What are your guys experience with this section? Ever felt it was useful?


In short: Never. It sucks.


It’s not intelligent enough… hasn’t really learned the user’s habits or preferences.

To be very honest, just forget that its there.
Usually what it picks for me are the drama’s that i’ve already watched and/or currently watching.
Not sure what the alogorithm was put in, how it chooses the drama for you, but its definitely ineffeciently designed.

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Not to mention, if you’re a volunteer, dramas that you’ve already moderated or subbed, lol!

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It seems weird to me that they are not trying to make this a more useful tool. I mean most websites have an interest to keep the people on their site as long as possible.
YouTube’s recommend system is so good that some people watch way too many videos when they should do other things, haha.
Maybe it works better for those living in America, as they have much more shows to showcase.

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Personally, I’d do it like this.
The system should find the drama which you’ve watched and have given it a good review, remember the genre and country of its origin then give a few suggestions of the similar type of drama. Also, they should add in a “Remove suggestion” type of button that kind of removes drama’s which are similar to that from reappearing in your suggestions. After a while, I’m sure the system will be able to give at least 1 decent result from it lol.

Yes, these are all valid. There are websites with awesome recommendations systems: I can cite ebay, amazon and youtube (youtube works with tags, but that’s also a good idea). So there surely must be some algorythms which have been perfected in the course of the years, and which viki could emulate. But viki chose not to bother.

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