I have learned not to complain... BUT

Hello everybody. I love watch kdramas on viki and i like timed comments,they are soo funny::sweat_smile:
I really want to thank all the subbers for the fantastic job,without you i couldn`t watch all this amazing stories. I only have 1 complain, why are there soo many kdramas not available in my country?
I know that i watch all this for free but i wouldn´t mind pay if i could have more available kdramas, i think that viki pass should give access to not available kdramas.


The powers that grant or do not grant licenses to specific regions are from the viki business team, you should inquire with them. <= what they told me when I had asked.

All you can do is get as many people as possible to request the license. I have heard for some shows they really wanted it hundreds like over 300+ Hungarians requested in hopes that it would get licensed in Hungary.

I don’t think you upset anyone. I was only clarifying my intentions to Angellight. Even before I decided to do some subtitling on viki I would only watch one show or maybe 2 each drama round. If I did not find anything I liked (usual) I would just skip it altogether.

@irmar and I seem to have different opinions on what is a good subtitle. She strives for perfect grammar, which I lack. However I demand the subtitles be as thorough and complete as the original dialogue. A lot of the subtitles do not do that (e.g. KBS WORLD hardsubs (they made me believe at age 7 I could do a better job), ONDEMANDKOREA (I fixed over 1000 subtitles for movie)). I have tried to work on an older show, but it’s done in a different system and I feel bad asking if I could fix in such and such way since CM (bosslady) wants it done a certain way. I’ve been sitting on my fingers for that old show.

As for another old show I’ve talked to the CM about repairing it in a way that pleases all of us. So far no action I think. From what I saw it is MUCH MUCH MUCH easier to wipe badly done shows and start afresh. It is easier to segment clean then fix segments ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE IS NO MERGE BUTTON.

I am not sure about the others, but there are shows I would willingly solo subtitle. For example I have watched New Heart and Beethoven Virus 3x each. For New Heart you can give me a scene and I could describe it out to you.

Mary, I can’t work on things at a fast enough pace so I choose to take maybe 1 max 3 projects. I have 2 editing projects and one that is so thoroughly stale. Yet I feel guilty for not working on it more. One of the editing projects is almost done (4 eps) and the other is on air (2 eps behind).

What you can do @angelight313_168 is see who is in the show and write to subtitlers who have projects with the same X actor or Y actress. I wrote to basically every Korean-English subtitler ever to find subtitlers for the 50 episode extreme makjang I have with crazyjennster. We strategically spammed all the teams with the same actresses and actors. It was the students who sub on weekends who kindof came through and the war chest of subtitlers a senior editor spammed for us. Despite having some number of id’s on the cover only 4-5? may come through when we have 6+ show up this is truly a party on any show.

Speaking of which, I do owe an ID two drama specials…

I´m from Portugal and i think that portuguese community on viki is too small.

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Actually it says #2 country after USA for viewership (in terms of traffic is BRAZIL!) How about trying to spam the Brazilian fans???

I´m sory i don´t understand what you trying to say. I know that are many brazilian fans on viki but we live in a diferent continent. For example i can`t watch HEALER but brazilians can

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@lopes_salete_81_122…I don’t think what she’s suggesting to you will work for you anyway. That used to work here in the past not anymore with the new owners at viki. Let’s just hope they get some sense into their head and they stop this ridiculous region thing that makes no sense and gives them less hope to get more paying viewers at this site.

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So what you`re saying is that has nothing i can do,just wait.:sob:
Or maybe i just have to change country :grin:

hahahahaha you’re so funny but it doesn’t matter where you go I live in USA and I can not see GOBLIN and many other dramas here bc of ‘‘region issues’’. I even do volunteer work here too. The owners have to change what’s going on here is all in their hands if not, nothing will ever change.

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we have to be patient but it`s not easy there are some kdramas that i really want to see .I have watch GOBLIN here but now i can´t anymore,same goes for LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA

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LOL Why not come to Germany, get viki pass, there are still some restriction but not too many. Healer and Goblin are both available with the viki pass.
And in some cities in Germany there is already a Portuguese community, eventhough my city has one, I do not recommand it, as it is not that good with jobs, but that depends on your professional field.

Hope you don’t mind this half serious, half joking proposal :wink:


Aside from spamming viki with license requests, there’s nothing we can do. I thought you meant the people who speak Portuguese.

I went to Germany once ,there are some beautiful guy. It´s not a bad idea, i`m gonna think about it::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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ok thanks for your help

learning so much! thanks all for a neat “classroom!” I am a lucky one then, I have watched Goblin & legend of the blue sea.anyway all of you have a great day and thanks for all this which I do need to know.

Like the others already explained, different from Korean dramas, Chinese dramas release lots of episodes in a very short time, it’s crazy. You can see the airing schedule of Chinese dramas here: https://cdramabase.com/weekly-airing-schedule/
2 episodes per day is actually the normal case, so it’s very normal for subbers on Chinese dramas to fall behind. Especially more so if several Chinese dramas air at the same time on Viki (like it is the case now, we have 4 Chinese on-air dramas!) since subbers are spread thin.

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the 4 chinese dramas, yeah I seen them and guess I will have to wait on them