I know whats missing!

ok we got the prosecutors, lawyers, cops, computer games, vampires, witches, and other dramas we all enjoy watching. But what’s missing? cooking dramas, I don’t mean the variety ones. yes, I have gone back to the older ones like oh my ghost, baker king, the feast of the gods, and so many more. I would love to see a good drama on cooking & baking, wok of love, oh yeah!! panda & hedgehog! stuff like that, so writers how about it!!


There’s a new one called How Are You Bread :slight_smile: I also enjoy cooking dramas, especially baking ones. There is the cooking drama Pasta, but the main lead yells too much for my comfort. I internally cringe whenever someone yells, so I am not sure if I can continue the drama…but other than that, it’s interesting.

I find baking dramas so inspiring :smiley:

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Just finished first episode, really quite good. Love the girl, Korean odessy, dr john and another one. really enjoy watching her. really good start in this drama.

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I know what you mean “soul food” is missing. It probably because food dramas kind of went crazy, that they practically had all food covered after a while.
I loved the old Japanese food dramas even more.
Viki seems to have 2, but I don’t know for sure since I have not watched them yet.

One of my favorite Japanese dramas was Hungry as it was about food and music, since I love both.


haven’t seen the 2 you mentioned. but will check them out Yes they did go kinda crazy there for a time I loved watching them , so I could learn the how tos on making them be they Japaese Chinese, Korean, Thi, or any other country. the guy rolling food around a skillet, or flipping the foodstuff . I thought amazing and of course much more

Rincos restaurent is restricted but the other isn’t so will check it out

The problem for me with food theme in the dramas, is that they take too long showing the ‘‘plates of food’’ the actress/actor made. For example, like a pot that’s boiling, and you stare at the bubbles of boiling broth and stare…and counting: 1,2,3…15 seconds? too long!
It happened with [Chocolate with Ha Ji Won] ( she was a chef) The food scenes were endlessly long and drove me crazy so I skipped them all together. Although she was a ‘‘chef’’ her plates were something a housewife cooks in her home. I wasn’t learning to cook a new plate of food it was a common plate of food in a everyday life of a Korean housewife.

I haven’t watched chocolate yet. but thee were a couple that did show some of these foods from a restaurant, which we(the housewife) would give anything to learn how ot create these meals! even this new show “how are you bread?” the pastry was shown on my lovely sam son, pastry chef. loved that show to. anyway, the one I am thinking of, they also showed the recipe for the food.
yes a lot f old dramas of chefs being creative, and again showed the recipes. or just show how to make r cook.

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I like when they actually walk through the process of baking the pastry, I learn a lot! I learned about humidity of ovens and how that affects bread from Baking King Kim Tak Goo :smiley:

loved baking king, so I am going to try the restaurant one, a new one, and going to find rinkos restaurant
there’s one on Netflix, just started watching, the girl wsaits for a guy to come into the restaurent and what? I will just have to watch it and see

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