I need help!

Hey guys!! I need some help. Perhaps do you know anything about volunteering in South Korea?? I’m interested in this country and I’d love to volunteer in here. So if you know anything, tell me. I’ll be grateful.

I don’t really get what you meant… you want to volunteer in a drama? or do you want to go volunteer “in South Korea” … your sentence is confusing…

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I want to volunteer in South Korea…

Ohh so you want to actually go to South Korea…

Well yes, is it bad idea?

No not at all … I wanna go there one day too!! I wish i can : p
But the thing is since here we volunteer on subbing Korean dramas and you said…[quote=“simona_matuseviciute, post:1, topic:1342”]
I’m interested in this country and I’d love to volunteer in here.

I thought you meant you want to sub or segment Korean dramas here on the site…
But well I think you should find the Korean Embassy in your country and ask them how you can go and what you should do… they can help you the most… or just try emailing them… or even finding their website/social networking page…

Good then : D because I thought that I’m crazy : D I know I know, but I need other people opinions and advices about it. I just want to know what I could do there. I know that in South Korea need English teachers at schools, universities or families : ) but I want to help to families or children, or just work there and get to know about Korean culture : )

hahahaha noo trust me you will find MANY crazy people about Korea like you over here!!!
I admit being one of them!!
That’s a great idea!!! But really you should contact the embassy!! They will know stuff wayyyy better than me!!

Good to know : ) Ok, thnx for advices!!! :slight_smile:

You are more than welcome ^^

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Many people experience S. Korea by teaching a language there. Lots of sources of info available online. Plus you can get paid.

there is a comedic couple who are from canada who like korean music (kpop) and they moved from canada to korea to teach english in korean elementary schools. although their videos are mostly for kpop and getting to know korean culture over there,they have a youtube chanel. if u can get in contact with the lady by messaging her on youtube or commenting on one of her/their videos your interest, im sure she can give u some advice and information. she knows allot about that stuff.

here are their channels:


her name is martina : )

OMG!!! Thank you so much guys!!! I will benefit your advices :slight_smile: That’s so nice to get help.


ur welcome!!!
glad i could help