I need some help!

Hey guys!!
I have an English Essay and I am desperate to have more info for my survey…


It’s about preserving historic sites.
For questions that require writing, please only write if you have effective ideas, if not just write “n/a”

This survey is very important so please don’t put any jokes or whatever in your answers.
Thanks a lot!! ^^

When you choose Other, you have to choose Yes or Not too…

I know:/
I did that by mistake… and it wouldn’t get edited now because people already submitted… so just put yes/no and explain it

Done :smiley: I hope it helps!

Woohooo 50 responses so far!!
A special THANK YOU to all those who filled it!!
It is really appreciated!! ^^

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good look with your essay!

Did you choose the subject of archeological sites ?

Yeahh I did… I was enthousiastic at the time because of something that happened to me :stuck_out_tongue:
Then after working on it… I regretted my decision it’s too tough lol x,x
But now I’m stuck… it’s due tuesday so…

Thank youu ^^

What’s the subject ? Juste historical sites ? Or theme more precise like conservation of site ?