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Today when i was on a trip i thought about something … it’s make me kind of stupid to think about it …, i will go to the topic because i’m not that good in introductions, so the thing is that why there is minutes and who had put them and why there is seconds and what comes after seconds i want to know,… shouldn’t there be miliseconds like milimeter why we make things smaller while it’s in truth bigger???, i know that this is stupid but i wanted to share this with you guys :slight_smile:
I wish you can help me in this and make my crazines les :slight_smile:

Very random… Lol.

This article is an interesting read, though it’s not really about “why” minutes and seconds exist.
Why is a minute divided into 60 seconds, an hour into 60 minutes, yet there are only 24 hours in a day?

As for milliseconds, they do exist. Some sports watches and timers will show millisecond measurements. Some stuff involved with filming and videos also might show milliseconds - like on Viki, if you want to split videos into parts to sub, you enter the time as 00:00:00.000 (hh:mm:ss:mss).


Thanks a lot … . But we still on the same topic why they are exist anyway???

uh businesspeople probably invented.
Time was standardized in USA because of train times.
uh… Koreans and Chinese used a different system of 12 2 hour slots named after zodiac animals for the hour…

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This question sounds kind of philosophical, so I don’t know how good of an answer there will be.

I guess you would start at why timekeeping exists. In the past, it probably had to do with being able to keep track of seasons for agriculture, or to similarly predict when certain types of things were expected to happen. Maybe they wanted to keep anniversaries of things. So people made calendars and clocks.

Then, why minutes and seconds? Like the article said, it had to do with the number system used by those who developed the system. It was base 60, which might not mean anything to you if you’re not into math or numbers. I don’t much understand either (so I won’t really try to explain), but for example modern civilization uses a base 10 system - see the metric system. Computing uses hexidecimal system or base 16, etc. Anyway, base 60 worked well for the math and measuring angles. Like, look at an analog clock. If you’re familiar with degrees in a circle, there are 360 per circle. That 360 is made up of 60 intervals (minutes) that each have 60 more intervals (seconds). …Does that make sense?

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Why on earth are you posting here? It’s a discussion about time measurement. Go on the main site, not here in Discussions. Under the picture of your account, at the right of the screen, there is a drop down menu. Click on “Help Center”. OK I’ve done it for you. There is this place to maybe find an answer to your question:
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You’re all answers are good and thanks a lot for it … .
But , it’s not just about time it’s about things like why the apple is called apple why not orange be and colors tooo why the red is called red, why the wood called wood why not somethinh else that’s what we should all consider and think about it …
Okay guys this tobic make me kind of dizzy and i really want to know why

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