I watched Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and I am depressed!


I recently watched moon lovers. I had my apprehensions before watching this drama. But when I started watching it I regretted for not watching it before till around 10th episode. As the drama inched towards the end, everything started going down towards a tragic end. I was longing for a happy ending even though I knew that it would not be happening. people started dying, lovers started separating, misunderstandings started growing and everyone was felling betrayed and sad. Indeed it was made beautifully and I cried my eyes out. I never imagined that everything would be so depressing when I started watching it.

P.S: In the first episode, everything seemed so cool. The actors and their hot bodies :fire:


Didn’t you check reviews? The moment I laid my eyes on the reviews I decided my heart would not be able to bear it-- over that, I’m a huggggeee EXO-L, so seeing Baekhyun die is NOT on my list of things to do :tired_face: The summary itself is soooo saddd I couldn’t get myself to go near it.
btw, don’t you think most of these topics (this one and he Melting Me Softly one) can go under this thread? We all usually try to keep the Discussions cleaner by putting them under already existing threads :smile:


Or make a topic “Don’t watch if you don’t like sad endings (spoilers inside)!” and group all the ones with a depressing finale.

@ iamawkward, what about changing your thread title (you know, it’s done by clicking the little pencil under it) so that it can become a general thread like that? Wouldn’t that be cool?