I wish we could change the subtitle positioning

I personally like the subtitles more in the middle of the screen. Previous they used to have 2 subtitle lines and I’d always pick the one that was higher. Now, there is only one subtitle placement and it’s at the bottom. It’s kind of irritating to watch since you’re looking more at the bottom of the screen than what’s actually going on in the show. Anybody else personally prefer subtitles to be higher?

Given that you can alter the size of the STs, I don’t really mind much…

How do you change the subtitle size?

To be honest I’ve never actually seen subtitles anywhere else but the bottom o_O. and I’ve been watching anime and drama for close to a decade… -_- so needless to say doesn’t bother me :stuck_out_tongue:

It was less than a year ago that the website had 2 options for subtitle placement…

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