Ideas for a better platform and community

Greetings to all!

I invite you to take a look at the recent ideas I have published under my username ‘‘dimghro’’ and if you consider any of them useful, please vote for it.

Certainly some are good and some are not so good, but my intention is certainly a good one. I really like the Viki platform and its community, and I consider it necessary for each of us to get involved in improving it, as we already do with subtitles.

Please leave comments if you think I missed something in these ideas and most importantly, please give yourself some time to post ideas. We can make a difference.

Have a nice day!

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they should make the volunteer finder work again because I cant find one for my projects


No we cannot. We’ve been posting ideas and requests. I’ve been making lists, documents, threads here, ideas on Help, everything that you may think of.
Here about the inbox, here about abandoned projects,
here about regional restrictions for QCs. That last one got 3442 upvotes.
Here about the project finder
Another about project finder page
Here about reviews and ratings
Here about our profile and project page
Improvements on the Explore page

But it’s not just me! Many other people too, have repeatedly given excellent suggestions. We even sat down and discussed with Viki staff on a teleconference about them.
After that, I sent them a comprehensive document with all the ideas discussed and more. Mine, incorporating the best of those given by others.
If you’re curious, it’s here.

Okay, did Viki ever do anything we asked?
NO. Not even one small, insignificant thing like us having a choice between dark mode and white mode.
Every now and then they announce a change to a completely secondary and unrelated, mostly cosmetic thing.


Well I can only agree with irmar’s post on your link… this isn’t like 1+1=2…


There is nothing more to add, I am sorry, over the years and in particular the last 2 years most of us are just tired, exhausted whatever you want to name it. Still if Viki asks in detail we still give feedback, but it feels like a one-sided love.

Still I admire your enthusiasm and I hope you can keep it. All the best to you.


We did make suggestions, had videocalls and chats with Viki themselves but so far nothing really changes and it’s only getting worse in my opinion.

Sometimes I think it’s time to leave but I still like it here because I made friends and I’ve been on here for 11 years already. But they don’t give a bleep about how long you are on Viki.