If I already paid for VPP

Hi there!

I am wondering if anyone else is having this issue. I paid for the annual subscription about a week ago and have still been bombarded with ads. I sent out two invoices and haven’t heard any word back. I tried doing that trick where it says to get back your rewards but it wont recognize that I have the subscription. my google account is linked and that is how it was paid. I am lost as to what I should do as that money has already left my bank account.

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First question: Did you log out and back in again since then?

In the meantime I will look if there is a main issue …

Edit will follow — Didn’t find any issue for now


I logged out, restarted my device, took the app off and reinstalled it, switched to my laptop, and tried on my tablet. nothing seems to work.

What system do you use, when you say app?

I use android

With a phone?
And you purchased Viki P Pass with the phone?

yes I purchased it through the app on my phone

Did you follow this Viki advice?

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yes, when I tried to restore my benefits it says it doesn’t see that I have any to restore. My account is only linked to this account.

Then you have to take this to the Help Center. Open a ticket. They’ll get back to you. Just don’t expect an answer during the weekend.

If you can’t restore it through the instructions from Viki, then this is as far as we can help here.
Your profile doesn’t show any Viki Pass so submitting a request is the last step for you, if by chance you already opened one, then do not open another one. I know it might take them some time to answer, but I am sure they will answer you in a bit.
Good luck and hopefully you can soon enjoy Viki with your pass.

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Thank you for helping me.

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I don’t know where are you from (different countries different rules i’m in US) but if you paid with a credit card, you can call the credit card customer service, and explain the situation to them as tell them that you want to put a stop to the payment. Maybe once the payment is removed they’ll put more effort in helping correct your issue.


I’m also in the US. sadly I paid with my debit card. I put my request a week ago so it looks like I’m going to have to wait. It’s just insanely frustrating to keep getting ads talking about how I should get the pass that I already paid for so I can skip the ads I shouldn’t even be seeing. :sweat_smile:

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I’m so sorry for what you are going through. I just hope it gets resolved in a timely manner. Btw, even if is a debit card payment the bank can put a stop to the payment, too. The Bank I have: do charge a $5 fee but is worth it. Those ADS are obnoxious and endless ,and in the past when I tried to skip them, the player will freeze completely and would not play, so it’s a real pain. Wish you the best.

Good Luck!


Pfff … yeah. Not just on Viki, but on any site, whenever there’s an issue while playing a video (or trying to do so), 9 times out of 10 it has something to do with the ads. So it’s not just the annoying interruptions, but also more chance of something going wrong. So I’m happy to watch Viki without ads these days.

@eleezadavila_668 Good luck! I hope it gets solved soon! :crossed_fingers:


so true! I’m trying to be patient as I know this time has been hard for everyone.

@mirjam_465 Thank you! I hope so too!


I am sorry there was an issue, if you look here

And some bugs do you have Android 6.1.1?
And did you check this list too?

Only thing I can say I was rather tired and didn’t think about that. After 10 days, I would add something to your request in case you didn’t get an answer yet. Maybe all the things you tried so far and it still didn’t work. Anyway hope it helps.


O mesmo acontece comigo, pago há quase dois meses e ainda não ativado.
Podem me ajudar?
Como conseguir ajuda do suporte de forma mais especifica se o problema não consta em nenhuma das orientações já sugeridas?
Já usei todas as formas de contato e não me atendem.
Já usei todos os recursos orientados pelo sistema,

Fiz pagamento para upgrade para Viki Pass Plus e até agora não foi ativado. Há mais de um mês nesta luta.
Por favor, me ajudem.

Never post an email-account here. Portuguese speaker from America?


Try it there!