If I already paid for VPP

Eu tentei este recurso várias vezes, mas eles não respondem com orientação especifica, só mandam links que não resolvem nada.

Sim, Português Brasil

Já utilizei este recurso sugerido acima, mas sem conseguir solução

I can’t tell the problem either, you still have your email account out in the open, we just recently have a topic about scammers and the likes, so for your own good please delete it in your comment. Not that you get unwanted emails in the future.

Back to your problem, I don’t know how you purchased the pass.

So I randomly add some help measures, did you try any or all of them?

Did you write an open comment at the help center or actually send a request?

Sorry, I only know a few words of Portuguese from a Portuguese girl in Europe in my old school days back in the old century.

I will use the google translator, the text may not be very good

The same is true for me, paid for almost two months and not yet activated.
Can you help me?
How to get support help more specifically if the
problem does not appear in any of the guidelines already suggested?
I’ve used all forms of contact and they don’t answer me.
I’ve already used all the system-oriented features,

I made the payment for the upgrade to Viki Pass Plus, I already paid on 06/04/2020 and
on 11/11/2020 and so far I can’t activate. There are two months in this fight.
I don’t know who else to turn to.
Please help me

When I tried to restore my benefits, he says I have none
to restore. My account is linked only to this
I paid by Google Pay with a credit card, there is payment, I have a receipt but Viki doesn’t recognize it.

I have tried all the resources and suggested help links.
I already sent the receipt to Viki.
Support does not solve.

What to do???

I am no Viki staff, so writing to me I can only offer the information you can find yourself at the Help Center.


I will try another way maybe it works …
@jeslynl @mariliam Could you kindly contact these people?
Thank you!

I had no answer.
I am frustrated, not knowing what to do.
I need their help.
I will cancel the payments and stay with the basics.
But I thank you, heartily for your help.

When did you write your request?

The last time was yesterday (Request # 1234389), but I’ve been communicating, begging for help since July 13th.

You used a new request or the same one?
I, too, wished Viki could be quicker handling this.

Depois de tanto tempo volto aqui para pedir uma informação.
Estou utilizando o Viki Pass Plus perfeitamente, sem problemas. Amo os filmes/series oferecidas.
Preciso saber em quantos aparelhos posso usar o aplicativo?

There is no restriction to the number of devices, as your VPP is linked to your account.