If you had to change one scene in Asian dramas/movies: What would it be and what scene you'll replace it with?


Please this is ONLY about Asian dramas. Korean, Chinese, Japanese etc…

Some of us don’t like the slap scenes: What would you replace that scene with?

Some don’t like bathroom scenes: What would you replace that scene with?

Trying to make sense of scenes we may hate to see in dramas, and making suggestions that might work in the future of drama, by changing some annoying scenes in Asian dramas.

One person, one scene, will not change the whole drama but collaboration from many others (creative future writers?), suggestion on how to replace that scene, might give ideas to these writers on how to make new dramas story lines, with refreshing totally new scenes, that will be pleasing to all the audience. They need to start making new scenarios in drama because they have become boring/ tiring/disappointing, to see the same scenes in drama after drama.


I would replace in Korean dramas eating ramen soup scenes with drinking a cup of coffee or tea. they would be sitting and talking about the crime scene or whatever the meeting was about.


Is there one drama that could be changed with only one scene?

I can only think of President, sorry my mistake, Prime Minister and I - if you have not watched - there was that one scene at the end that ruined it for me, for once I was angry - at the end they did a hand-shake, me head shake! No! I would have been content even with an ordinary hug, interlock fingers, … I wouldn’t even ask for a kiss, but a hand-shake of the sort they did is business and not relationship-like at all.

No license in my region, maybe you can still access it.


I’ll look into it, haven’t watched that one. Hope is here at Rviki site. Thanks for the input.

PS Is it the Prime Minister and I? I saw that one. I remember they criticized the big gap in age so they omitted romantic scenes a lot which annoyed the core out of me bc I liked them as a couple.


Yepp, me too. So I thought the ending was kind of cruel to us viewers, age gap aside, to leave the characters with such a mediocre gesture - it hurt.
Made an edit at my last comment - title oops!


I would simply replace the sad ending in Princess agents with a happy one.
But in total honesty, I would want all those horrible sad endings of Chinese historicals to be happy ones. I’m tired of shedding tears.


Tell me about it I just saw this Chinese movie and feel so angry, devastated, and I made a resolution NO MORE chinese dramas/movies for me. It’s on NTFX and the title is DOUBLE WORLD. I have no words.


Maybe you want to put a spoiler warning for that :wink:
Yeah, her death was horrible. He was so needlessly cruel to her as well. I do think she acted it out really well though. For some strange reason, I noticed that all of the female characters died the crueler deaths. First it was the female spy who got bitten / torn to death by that animal, then the female slave in the cage got choked to death, the female lead - her scene was heartbreaking, and the second female lead also died from her animal attack. I felt like in any other movie or if it had been the male, he would’ve survived those bites. The only females who got an “easy” death were the female warriors from the tribe).

My pick would be rush endings - those that have such a high pace in comparison to the rest of the drama that you feel ‘cheated’ at the end, even if the ending was satisfying. I’d rather have a sad ending in that case. For example, in You are my destiny, the ‘happy ending’ happened in the last 5 minutes or so? When I was segmenting it, I already thought it was strange, but as I watched the whole drama and saw the pacing of everything, it left me feeling indifferent.


Oh, gosh you’re right…I did edit. In that movie one of the female that looks like a guy survives so that tells me a lot. The logic they’re doom if they are female? I saw another one where the mother and sister die while the males (sons/brothers) all survive. There’s another one where only one sister survive but the main role girl dies! Who wants to see the main role actor/actress die? I’m done.


OMG, that’s totally ridiculous! How big was that age cap anyway?


I believe 20 year age gap. In real life his wife is very young too. He has 2 kids with his young wife (boy and girl). In the drama he looked like he could be yoona’s father but the love story was so cute the viewer would overlook that but some ppl can be ridiculous when judging others. LOVE can overcome many barriers and age is the least important one. What you feel about that? Age gap is important in a relationship?


I don’t think age gap is important, or at least not necessarily. And I don’t mind either whether the man is the oldest or the woman.
I once had neighbours of which the man was 24 years older than the woman and they were happy together, as far as I could tell. Too bad by now he’s not alive anymore, but I’m sure she doesn’t regret it.
When you love each other, I’d say, just go for it.

Btw, the “Right Or Wrong” story part of History 2 also deals with age gap, in this case between two men:


I’m watching this one right now while I wait for subtitles in my fave dramas. It’s quite interesting different love story for a change. Just did half of episode 1. Check it out!

Well, I would change here the fact that she talks like a girl and u can notice her breast so is not too real in a way. I believe this one is Taiwanese.


To answer thy question, lemme summon all of the mighty knowledge I have about K-Dramas.
O great writer, please bless me with your knowledge to answer this fellow mortal’s question.


Give Gong Tae Kwang Justice

Finished screaming


I reckon if the 2 1/2 minute bus scene ending in School 2015 had been omitted, poor Kaori wouldn’t be in therapy right now.


I wonder who could be the therapist … :thinking:



If you was the writer: how would you change that 2 1/2 minute scene? Can it be changed, and follow the story line without affecting the drama?


I hate open ending in dramas bc they leave you with no closure.
You can cover up the spoiler scene that you feel will give justice to Gong Tae Kwang.
What scene you would add instead?


I didn’t even dared to watch the entire 15th episode and didn’t touched the 16th one. Because, I knew what would have happened.
As Ninja says, whenever I go to watch a drama, ninjas secretly come and start chopping onions, I knew I wouldn’t have been able to tolerate that SHOCK :joy:

My therapist is dead with the same shock :sob:

I wonder if anyone watched Class Of Lies but that was the worst open ended drama for me. I forgot the name of the cast but if, spoiler ahead the writer made it clear who murdered the murder; it would have been a little more digestible.

And yeah, since it was my first drama, I made a little bit bad image of Nam Joo Hyuk which got better in Cheese In The Trap.

P. S. I love all the actors and actresses out there without any judgement.
And specifically the one who was the villain in Who Are You because her acting was tremendous, so real that it actually made me angry. She is seriously so amazing :heart_eyes:


OMG, how many victims did that drama make?! :open_mouth: :rofl:


I thought i was the only one that won’t finish a drama if i know the ending will have a tragic ending. lol Example: Stairway to Heaven (haven’t seen the ending but know it bc of many spoilers of angered/enraged viewers lol.