If you had to change one scene in Asian dramas/movies: What would it be and what scene you'll replace it with?


That wouldn’t be an option for me. No ending = no closure. :eye::tv:


That drama was apparently a fail in Korea but was a hit overseas.
Yook Sung Jae and Kim So Hyun even won the best couple award for that year!!
Gosh… Without a doubt it’s a million number of victims :joy::joy:


So far, that’s the only drama I didn’t watched completely.
But in general I have got lots of dramas which I didn’t completed watching. Maybe either some other drama attracted me or I didn’t had the time for watching and so and so.
I took a lot of time watching these dramas.
• My Love From The Star [ Watched]
• Waikiki [Currently ep 19 from the past week]
• Mischievous Kiss 2 [Still Halted]
• It Started With A Kiss ( I basically have all remakes in all languages of “Itazura Na Kisu” in my watch list) [still Halted]
• Bring it on Ghost [Still Halted]
• Are You A Human Too? [Still halted]
• Cheese In The Trap [Watched]
• Another Oh Hae Young [Watched]
• Class Of Lies [Watched]
• He is Psychometric [Watched]
• Hi! School Love On [Watched]

Whereas, I took only two days to watch The Legend Of The Blue Sea :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hmm … that does happen to me as well. :joy::joy:


Really? You NEVER watched to the end?! Judging from the severe SLS that actually drove you to seek an alternate ending I thought it was because you saw to the end!!
Can I ask how much of the 15th and 16th episode do you know to be the actual ending?

I would still suggest the omit from the last episode from 56:51 - 58:32 the scene mentioned, I think it works without being replaced. All the elements are already in place for an alternate ending.
For those that have seen the show and need justice here is my edit: Watch episode 16 ending this way episode timing in MM:SS From
50:49 (6 months later)
50:50 - 51:53 “mystery” transfer student
51:53 - 52:42 ID of transfer student reveal Lee Eun Bi is now Go Eun Bi (now adopted)
52:43 - 52:53 Tae Kwang gets text “Rooftop”, runs there
52:53 - 54:17 Roof top encounter. And that’s where it should have stopped for all those that wanted justice! Because it’s a happy encounter and they have great chemistry to [re]start relationship.
54:18- 55:47 Various side character montage including
55:47 - 56:29 Tae Kwang is happy because [has g/f AND] resolved conflict with father.
56:30 - 56:51 Postcard from U.S. From Eun Byul so confirmed ‘out of the picture’
56:51 Waiting for school bus :scissors: cut where it could have changed the whole show :scissors: skip to -
58:33 School hallway scene to end 59:05 - wrap show up with philosophical outlook about the struggles of being a teen.

Now I just need a guinea pig to test my antidote, @vivi_1485 is late, should be here by now.


Just remembered, something like this happened to me watching Robber, haha, I needed 2 years to go back to the last episode and some convincing words from a Viki friend.


What if the commentator is lying or exaggerating?


But there is only so many variations you can have for endings, if every show was the same happy ending then we’d see a lot more negative reviews of a positive ending! “same tired cliché” “predictable” etc
The tragic ending is even more effective if the show was a great one. One of my top 10 show is Hotel del Luna. Great show concept. Well written, produced and acted. Didn’t turn the romance to soppyness but managed to keep it love across time feel to it. Had me totally involved with the story and personality of the characters.
As much as I wanted a happy ending because of the shear amount of emotional attachment I poured into the main characters, it would have spoilt the quality of the show had it copped out and went with what I wanted because throughout the show, the pointer of the inevitable ending The tree dropping a leaf at a time would not allow it to finish any other way (not that I didn’t ponder along the way how it could have been averted to give me the happy ending I wanted) and that’s what made it such a great ending because it made it 100 times more painful to drain that very last drop of emotion out of an already empty vessel.
I had to “mourn” the finishing of the show just to decouple from it before moving on to another. Absolutely brilliant!


Yes, exactly. Although, I understand that some people dislike or hate sad endings as they view these types of dramas as escapes, I’m happy there is variation. A sad or tragic ending can be beautiful in it’s own right or gives you food for thought.


Indeed, that’s why most show end with a happy high. It would be a complete failure if a tragic ending couldn’t evoke an once of the opposite sadness or pain, just ‘meh’:smile:


In HOTEL DE LUNA she was dead from the beginning of the drama, and I didn’t expect her to come back to life because that’s too unrealistic.From day one her staying ‘‘dead’’ was totally acceptable by me.

The tragic endings I hate are the ones where one or more of the main character dies. In the case of STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN practically everyone died there; mainly the main important ppl in the drama. It was tragedy after tragedy. In KING 2 HEARTS one of the most precious character in that drama gets killed and that was so unfair. Logical death in dramas are acceptable but exaggerated deaths in dramas are a turn off and I refuse to give them viewership and as soon as i read a spoiler where they say OMG he/she dies??? I’m done.

We went off topic bc the main purpose here was trying to find a substitute scene for a scene we don’t like to see in a drama we watched. You did a great job when you went minute of scene and detailed how you would change this scene. That was what I mainly wanted here…

PS. The bathroom scenes to me are the most vulgar and disgusting scenes added in a drama to make it look ‘‘funny’’ I find them revolting and not a laughing matter at all. But I can’t think of a scene that could replace them lol (some ppl DO find them funny ughhhh!)


And now it’s time for my rant:
The Stranded (Thai) stops in the middle of a scene and … that’s it. Series over. WTF! Happy or sad, a drama needs an ending. This was not even an open ending, it just ended in medias res. :rage:
And I can’t even go to @kaorikazehaya’s therapist, cause he didn’t survive that other Asian drama! :dizzy_face:


That reminds me of Triad Princess. It ended so abruptly…
Online there are whole thread of people confused whether the drama ended like that or no.
I would’ve cut the last scene with the gangsters and just ended it at the airport then :no_mouth:



Wow went to check the drama and that kissing scene was so natural and real. Jasper Liu is a natural and I can’t recall titles but if I see him as a lead I’m watching.

You know that sometimes this dramas that are left ‘‘unfinished’’ can be bc of sudden unexpected tragedies. but mostly is because they run out of budget, and have to leave the project as is bc they didn’t find the money to finish the rest. So sad.


She was cursed to not be able to die, bound to the hotel and the tree until her sins were resolved. Until she crossed the bridge and in the process loss the memory of all that just happened in that ‘lifetime’ the writers could have caved and come up with 10 different ways for her not have to cross over giving the viewers (and me) the happy ending of her and Chan Seong staying together.

It perfectly ties both subject together, Tragic endings and What would I change and with what.
I can think of many different replacement for the ending to steer it to the happy ending. Being a fantasy drama it’s easy. Making one up now.:thinking:

Crossing halfway across the bridge, Man Wol felt the pull of Chan Seong’s love, she turns around, regains her memory and hightails it back into the hotel and into season 2. Having paid for her sins the tree grants her body back at the instant she was cursed, so she can now be together with Chan Seong in the here and now.
But that’s the problem, in doing so I fixed the issue but I’ve just turned the show I loved to something stupid to satisfy my desire for a happy ending.
As sad as the ending was, I can’t see any way it could be made better by avoiding those painful emotions. That was what made the show great, it stuck a knife in my heart and told ME to deal with!


Well at least you can’t deny it did differentiate itself from the run of the mill dramas somehow!


It was traumatizing experience for me because it was about the 4th K drama I started watching here at viki site. I never finished the drama like I mentioned before bc it was too painful to watch and I need to enjoy my life, not fill it with tears and tragic scenes one after the other. That’s not what I look for in dramas.

My taste in dramas are action packed, romance/ happy endings with minimum tragedies. What others like I don’t criticize bc we all have different taste and that’s a fact of life. I don’t know why several times certain ppl made a big deal bc i say I hate tragic endings like I have no right to have my own opinion about that. (I’m not saying you are doing that) You are right when you wrote it differentiated ‘‘the run of the mill dramas’’ but it so happens I didn’t like it one bit and to this day I still don’t like it, and if I can help it I will stop watching them, and give it a bad review if i feel like it (most times I don’t bother since different taste in dramas is a right we all have,.and just bc i didn’t like it; I don’t want ppl to stop watching it bc of my review). Some ppl go by the review I tend to that in dramas with tragic endings and I see it in comments/review I won’t watch at all.


It’s not a criticism, it’s just that the statement is very broad for your topic of replacing something with something else.


Oh my God Ninja!!!
Did you went and watched the entire episode of School 2015! :scream::scream:
I want the same courage as you to watch a drama with a bad end twice!

I don’t clearly remember but it could have been a few minutes more than the scene where Go Eun Byul barges into the classroom.

Yes, exactly! I wonder if the writer failed to understand how the ending has to be, why didn’t the director, the producer, the actors or anybody on set spoke up about this bad ending or just all of them wanted really low rating for their last episode (or maybe they aren’t entitled to butt into writing)

Haha, literally?

Yes, absolutely! The way Goblin or LOTBS ended, I considered that a sadly happy ending. To me, both of their endings were powerful with Goblin having a little bigger chunk than LOTBS. Their endings left me open mouthed without a word to say. The endings had all the feelings in the world and I appreciate the choice of the writer to not leave any one who thought of a different ending behind.

P.S. Every time I go to sleep so much so big happens on discussions :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Time differences :wink:

True. In some of the forums online people mentioned that Ntfx is maybe testing out a new 6 / 7 episode format because they were doing it with other shows too. And that it would likely get a second season if it’s watched enough. Don’t know how true this is, but it kinda makes sense :slight_smile: