If you had to change one scene in Asian dramas/movies: What would it be and what scene you'll replace it with?


I don’t even START such dramas. I actually go and search ’ ending’ and make sure it ends properly before I even start the first ep. :flushed:


There’s going to be no more :sob: for starters.
The sad ending made me reflect on the pains of separation and the feelings of those left behind.
No doubt you’ve seen shows or films that leave an indelible mark that made you stop to appreciate those around you or to say ‘I love you’ because you might never get another chance type.
Those must be pretty good if it didn’t just entrained you or filled in some time but the theme managed to make it’s way out into your own life.


honestly, I just wanted tae kwang and her together. that’s it. Because the main lead just DIDN’T deserve her in any way possible.

And if I had the choice, I would never have even watched the drama. Even aside from the SLS I didn’t think the story was very interesting. It got too cliched after sometime. I only watched it for Nam Joo Hyuk cuz I liked him in Weightlifting Fairy and Tae Kwang was in Goblin.

Nope. I didn’t at all like Goblin’s ending, and it spoilt the entire epic drama for me. When I watch it again I watch only till the 13th ep (where he comes back)
I didn’t like the end because it feels like the writers broke their own rules. The entire time we thought that he would finally be at peace when she pulled the sword out. But when the sword actually gets pulled out, he goes to that weird snow filled place! And the way she brought him back was totally out of logic. In the end he REMAINS immortal, so what was the point of the whole goblin’s-bride thing?!

That’s why the ending seemed kinda pointless, like the writers just tried too hard to get a bittersweet ending.

I normally detest sad endings, but I have to give credit to He Is Psychometric. The ending was so bittersweet, but I couldn’t imagine a better one. I cried so hard and felt really empty inside afterward, but the writers did a pretty good job wrapping it all up.

I’d say I felt exactly that in He Is Psychometric (especially when Ji Soo dies). I kept thinking about how I was gonna live appreciating the people around us more.:cry: It’s the only unhappy ending I was even slightly okay with. Kudos to the writers, directors, producers, etc. For once I didn’t want to get on the next flight to SK to shake them and scream “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, YOU INHUMAN PEOPLE??!!”:joy:

A good drama to me would be one in which all the crying and angst happens in the middle/near the end and you end up smiling and feeling good to be alive, satisfied, when the end credits rolling.


haha saame I didn’t check Viki for ONE DAY…:joy:


Yes, Goblin was another show that I wondered how they were going to spring the ‘it’s a fantasy so we can make up whatever to enable the bypassing of the inevitable ending for a happy ending’ as the main characters developed their bond for each other.



What if the commentator is lying or exaggerating?

I always go by more than one comment from different viewers; not solely by only one person bc some ppl are malicious, and don’t want ppl. to watch the drama for whatever reason. I call them trolls


@angelight313_168 since the forum board tracks those who have seen this thread already it takes you direct to the newest post so I did not see your edit to your opening post. Would you be up for a discussion on the topic rather than an offer of a substitution (although I do have one about the slap scenes but it might not be the intention of your topic)


It wasn’t even a happy ending. So she’s gonna keep dying and being reborn, growing up till she’s old enough so that no one will look at them weirdly, spend her life with him, die again, and the cycle will go on till she’s out of lives?! If they really wanted to do a happy ending they should have just stopped at ep 13(i think) when he comes back, and make him human. DONE. Happily ever after.



Thank you so much! This is just what I wanted when creating this topic your suggestion that at episode 13 the drama should have stopped there, and give viewers a happy ending for a change. What writers are not doing in dramas that will make the viewers happier in the end.

I’m watching a drama that the next 2 episodes should have wrap up the drama and ended there, but they have 6 more episodes of going around in circle, and sadly and most likely, I’ll get an ending that will drive me crazy with anger.


I was thinking of another point later in the drama. At that point she was sad. Snow purgatory plot, he comes back, happy joy joy living together ending. Then they wrapped up the Miscellaneous Omitted Person plot being corrected (since she wasn’t immortal and fulfilled the bride bit) to enable the tear jerking separation scene but this time with goblin being sad, with all those lines about I will search for you in my next life time, I’ll wait for you even if it’s 100, 200 years, and here’s where they could have ended on a sad (but beautiful) ending. When Eun Tak opened the door to heaven, walks through and turns around to Goblin to say her last words “See you later” with a loving smile and closes the door with a finality, leaving goblin to break down. Leaving the viewers sad but the pain lessen with the “knowing” that they will find each other again. It did not need the last 3 minute Canada “happy ending” to confirm that point.


Lately, all dramas are revolving around FATE. They knew each other when they were young, and meet later on at adult age; To all the guys who love me/ It’s ok not to be ok. I have never felt so disappointed with k dramas as I feel right now. We have 6 to 8 characters in the dramas that everything revolves around their life. No matter how much I try to make sense of this story plot I just can’t bc none of the characters stayed in the same place. They all went their way to different and far places and one day they meet out of the blue? NO LOGIC in that.

Fate dramas need to stop already; They can’t offer too much in dramas. No wonder I always felt they go in circles… bc they do!!!


I’m not a fan of that whole cliché either. I know it’s rooted in their culture and everything, but how many people actually end up spending their lives with people they have met as children? As I write this, I’ve started to laugh, because I am one of those people :rofl:, but K-dramas (not the only culprit) make it seem like it happens to everyone.

I also meet people I’ve met for example in other countries, without knowing their contact info at random places again (seriously, the world seems smaller than we think). But dramas make it the norm. And that’s what I have a problem with.

I remember when I was watching When the Camelia blooms, people online were so happy that they hadn’t followed that cliché… until the characters were introduced as having met as babies :crazy_face:. They could’ve cut that whole scene out and instead focus more on the hardships and stigma that single moms face, instead of lumping them together. Wouldn’t it have been more meaningful that someone who wasn’t in the same situation had reached out a helping hand?

In It’s Okay Not to Be Okay I didn’t mind that they knew each other, or else multiple plot lines wouldn’t work, but sigh, using the destiny / fate plot makes it an easy way out for the writer to excuse certain plot points / holes instead of letting the story speak for itself. That’s true for all the other dramas as well. Still a fantastic drama though (haven’t watched the last episodes, since I didn’t have enough time this week) :wink:.

I think that because in the olden days people decided who their child was going to get married to from a young age and that concept doesn’t translate well to this day and age, writers have turned it into this destiny / fate plot. Then again, people seem to fall for this cliche over and over again. Don’t mind it in some dramas, but others…



I love the way you summarized everything and makes so much sense now. It’s the cultural thing that from childhood they are already spoken into marriage so their destiny/fate are sealed from birth. This tells me we need new young writers to start writing this Asian dramas so we can modernize the story plot and stop watching the same scenes in almost every drama, and these older writers need to team up with younger writers or RETIRE already…

To add insult to injury; now we have Taiwanese, Chinese and even Japanese now!
remaking the same stories, and they think bc is a different face that makes it a better drama.

Remember Korean drama She was Pretty? remake in chinese Pretty Li Hui Zhen ppl raved about the chinese version while I found it boring to death bc the actress was never able to make the character come alive like the Korean version did. I even stopped subbing the drama in Spanish because the dialogue was long, tedious, boring ughhhhhhhh.

Now we have; Fated to love you (korean version) I didn’t like it one bit and stopped watching by second episode. You are my Destiny Chinese was so-so (went straight to ending episode from episode 4 or 5). You are my Destiny Taiwanese version loved it so much I watched it 2 times already. They just announced we have the Japanese version of You are my destiny and I know I will hate it. They picked the characters too young, and the guy is suppose to be a rich company guy as we all know. I’m not going there to even check it out.

I suggested the actors/actress might now become future writers by making sure they never write stories they already played in the past. They can use a combo of stories from other countries use their imagination by keeping the respect in their culture and providing REAL varieties in Asian dramas for a change.

PS. I have traveled quiet a bit to other countries, and never saw anyone I knew during that trip. But locally here in US I’ve been in other states, and saw a few ppl I know that I never thought would see like (Disney World/ Universal Studios).


These are leading questions. You are going to sterilise and sanitise dramas asking for alternatives to negative scenes. Then once you cleaned everything up expect writer to operate in a much reduce environment and come up with better shows?

Why Slapping scenes should not be changed to ‘say mean words’ what will enforce the ‘wicked stepmother’ to be that really horrible person you really need to hate more than any other characters, when everyone else who’s a baddie is also just saying mean things.
And what about if a woman is reacting to a cheating husband? How realistic would you give the show if she reacted to being given the dirty with just saying mean words? Hell, I would change it up to She rolls both hands into a fist and beat his cheating ass like a Taiko drum for inflicting tremendous emotional pain and robbing her of her trust.
Or why not just add no infidelity scenes to the rule.

There have been many slapping scenes where the slapping sound is so stinging, I though, Owwww! THAT HAS GOT TO HURT! only to realise like an idiot some time later that it was acting, and actors and actresses do not have to really get slapped as part of their job, they are sound effects and cleverly filmed “pulled punches/slaps”


True the fate thing can and often overused, but I’d say not even a younger writer is going to magically have an answer to that,.but is need at times. You are saying that writers need to come up with alternatives and at the same time


dialogue was long, tedious, boring ughhhhhhhh.

you have say on average 16 episodes 1 hour each, you need to establish quickly the level of friendship between 2 characters. (either for SLS plot or possible romance development) you can
A go for the quick establishment of time span of the amount of friendship ‘from since they where kids’ to the current time of the drama.
B start afresh and spend say 1 of 16 episodes to establish the characters level of relationship. you can’t have it both ways! and all the time make it so that it’s neither time consuming or the plot jumped all over the place not developing the characters enough.
The constraints are horrendous when you think about it!


.Go to Revolutionary Love and see the slaps and beating the Father gives his son constantly, those are the scenes I feel has no need in any drama. NOT from a father to a son or a mother to a daughter. The main guy (Siwon) is an adult but his Dad beats the crap out of him every chance he can in front of so many ppl and n one helps him. There’s really no need to promote corporal punishment to grown adults. Is unacceptable in children and should also be unacceptable with the adults, too.


I’m not say the drama isn’t all those things. The last drama I watched the characters were so fate related to each other in some way that it bordered on comedy (although it was meant to be a comedy)
You just have to read any of the reviews or topic about cliché to know what is over used or what made the dramas bad.
So even if you took that to be the how not to write dramas 101 as a starting point, add that technical aspects like number of episodes you then say that new writers could somehow come up with anything different.


I’ve just watched the first episode. Yes the dialogue is long (and what was worse was the comedy was’t funny either!) Unfortunately the Korean version is unavailable in my region for comparison, but right away the 40 vs 16 episode difference would have made the Korean editor very deathly with the cuts and edits and not leave crud in to fill airtime, but that’s still not coming up with something new. That was the Chinese production being terrible at adapting an existing story.
I think we may have got to a misunderstanding in that I was referring to the use of the Known each other since childhood fate cliché and it’s uses in 16 episode drama for quick establishment of time Vs stage of relationship/closeness of friendship built over a lengthy time. Whereas something like [10 years later] tells nothing of those 10 years and the viewer is then required to establish from that moment of the drama what the situation is.


Really? Piggy backs are problematic now? Are you trolling?
Are you determined not to stop until you’ve insulted all of Japan and Korea single handed?


When will The Legend Of Feyfayer come to Viki? :thinking::joy::rofl: