If you had to change one scene in Asian dramas/movies: What would it be and what scene you'll replace it with?


:rofl: No thank you. I think the story would be to complicated for a specific genre, since real life tends to work that way :wink:.

Yes, there are different ways to tell a story. Not all of it is bad :slightly_smiling_face:


Too bad! I would have watched … :wink:


Right, I think I’ve located the scene you are talking about. To All The Guys Who Loved Me Ep3 around the 56 min mark? (I only have access to first 5 episodes)
No, I would not change that scene because it would undo the message it was trying to put across about her character, that she refuses to let the fact that she is a woman from stopping her even trying to attempt the feat in the first place. Even when she fails, she refused to give up and tries a few more times despite having an injured leg, repeatedly rebuffing CEO offer of piggybacking Do Gyeom, until CEO said “are we going to be here all night?” after which no one was piggybacked anyway and all 3 walked out of the cabin.

At no point did Hwang Jung Eum carry the full weight of Soo Ji Hoon on her, the scene called for repeated failed attempts to lift, so Ji Hoon leaps from his starting position which would mean he weighed next to nothing at the apex of the leap at which point both actor and actress “topple”
Secondly, the actresses adopt the first safety rule about lifting heavy things, “lift with your legs and not your back” so you don’t put you back out. If you re-watch the scene the actress has her legs slightly bent and not straight legged bowing at the hip, exactly how you should start a lift, probably advice on safe acting method from the stunt/safety crew.


Some dramas may go overboard, but the slapping scenes usually make you feel that real hatred towards the mother-in-law (or whoever does the slapping) and it’s a pretty quick way to establish how mean she is and how much the slapped person has suffered. Honestly though, I’ve watched quite a lot of slapping scenes and they haven’t much made me feel that it is ‘inhumane’ in because

  1. the actual actors aren’t getting slapped
  2. Maybe it’s because I’m Asian but well, (I seriously have no idea how to put this)slapping isn’t uncommon. And the mother-in-law is almost always shown to be a mean, heartless character. Especially the rich ones. And a few decades ago(sometimes even now), daughter-in-laws are usually treated like crap. When they live in their in-laws’ household they are at the very bottom of the importance ladder. And if they have a weak, bendy husband then…God help them.


Only sat through ep 1 and a bit of 2
I thought it would be a serious drama but it’s a comedy, which right away lessens the seriousness levels of brutality depicted in dramas.
I laughed when the father chases the son with the golf club to beat him with then the company lackey runs in with a baseball club, presenting it to the father/CEO like a business card as an upgrade to the golf club. At that point the father beats the son with the bat across his bottom, at which point I really felt sorry for the son.
And here’s the point, I am supposed to side with the son and hate the father for being so brutal, if I didn’t then the brutality theme failed in it’s intention.
I thought it was a good touch that two scenes later, the son after the corporal punishment hobbles to his car in in the car park rather than just storming off angrily to reinforce the painful beating. The only thing wrong there was that when the actor sat in the driving seat of his car he didn’t wince with pain as he just had his bum beaten with the baseball club. Because you know it’s acting

100 Year Legacy unavailable here.


I thought this was a topic on the film craft of dramas rather than the morality of themes.
Sorry for your personal circumstances but I have zero training in sociology or psychology therapy and it would be ethically wrong to make any comments on that.
Be well.


Can I ask you something? I’m just curious, no judgment here, I just want to understand where you are coming from :slight_smile:. Do you think all forms of man carrying woman on their back or vice versa is wrong? Maybe you did mention it before, I might have read over it, but what is the reason you consider it wrong? Cultural upbringing?

I’ve been both carried on the back and have carried someone on my back before (not because of drunkenness) and personally I think that it is an effective way of carrying someone, especially when the person is heavy or if something happened and you need to bring that person somewhere, fast.



Well, I played with (my now ex, and I did carried him in my back), and he carried me in his back, but only in the privacy of our home bc we would never do that in public.

Yes, is a cultural thing where our grandparents/parents constantly and always told to us; ‘‘no decent young girl climbs on a men’s back.’’ ‘‘And no decent man, carries a girl in his back like she’s a sack of potatoes.’’ To them this action (piggy ride) was disrespectful towards us women.

I didn’t mentioned it here but I did mentioned this many times before; that in my culture this is looked upon as unacceptable.

We can do piggy ride when we play in a pool, as long as the guy it’s not a stranger (non family members).


Ah okay, I get it now. Thanks for explaining :slight_smile:



No, thank you for understanding me. I’m glad you asked because you gave me the opportunity to clear any misunderstanding you or anyone may have about the way I feel about piggy rides.


To be honest I do like Korean drama but I tend to get sick of the rich boy meet girl and the family don’t like the girl because she from a poor family or the other way around, and other world what class are you from upper or lower class family. My real interest is Chinese drama they have so many period of centuries history to work with starting with hair, clothing and fantasy drama. There is NOTHING I would change when it comes to Chinese story lines.

Actually when it comes to Chinese drama they are the best at what they do. Now if you want a short drama that goes to maybe 18 episodes than Korean drama may be for you ( sometime they do have longer episodes ) But if you watch Chinese dramas be ready for the long haul of episodes and sometime not so happy ending it’s not always a fairy tale ending. But that do not mean Chinese drama never end with happiness.

As far as Japanese drama in my opinion there is not enough here on Viki to say what I would change. But writers of drama have their own vision of what they want in a story line I don’t think what the viewers such as myself or other say make any different when you are not working with the writers on their level.:page_with_curl::smile::scroll:


Did someone just mentioned Mother-in-law slapping daughter-in-law?
I have something to show :joy::joy:
Skip to 2:00 minutes

Indeed, Indian Serials have changed a lot since then and they’re not as dramatic as shown in this video anymore. The clips are as old as a decade.

This is just for fun and I don’t intend to hurt anyone.


Same…because if you’re from where I’m from that scene you described of the daughter-in-law getting back at the mom-in-law would never have been an option.
I hate it myself, and I’m not trying to pick a fight, and it’s not like I’m okay with the way they are treated. I hate the status that girls had just a decade ago, and sometimes still have today.

But most families have really good relationships, and if that was portrayed, there wouldn’t be any story to tell for 16 eps, would there? :slight_smile:

I guess all this misunderstanding is because of the differences in our cultures, so no one can point fingers because every culture has its own dysfunctionalities.

Now let me go watch another delicious saas-bahu serial. :joy::joy:


Definately not. But I do think abuse should be shown. Not for fun, but to raise awareness. So it should be shown in a way which makes the viewer realize that this is not okay.
But of course we don’t need it in every single thing we watch.


I’m sorry but this are the funniest scenes I have ever seen. The woman with a bullet in her head and she still doing some talking.
I saw a movie on NTFX, and regret not writing the title it was the funniest movie I’ve seen in my life. The bad guy kills the gorgeous good guy so he can stay with his girl. The cute guy reincarnates into a mosquito and torments his killer, and protects the girl. If anyone knows the title; please let me know.

Thanks for sharing. Loved it!



Exactly my point: in Asian dramas abuse is not portrayed as unacceptable, and in most dramas they try to make it seen as funny, and something the abused person can’t do anything about, giving our young viewers the wrong message.

I hope you watch the part I was talking about in [Revolutionary Love]. with Siwon I was in tears and so upset with this scene. I know they did it with the purpose to create a scene that would bring tears to the viewers but it was too violent, cruel. I stopped watching the drama and went straight to the end (just to see who stays with the girl) since he never gets to get the girl.


@angelight313_168 was that an Indian movie? Because there is a similar movie with Hindi title Makkhi (Fly) the film is in Tamil and Telugu


But it isn’t a mosquito but a fly.

There might be some other movie if this isn’t the one you’re talking about.:upside_down_face:


YES! thank you is that one. Have you seen it? It’s hilarious. I love it hope I can watch again but needed the title; I saw on NTFX as Makkhi but it says is Eega in wikipedia. I know is the one i saw (no longer on NTFX. Maybe we can work together in a team so others can enjoy this incredibly funny drama.

PS. At First I thought it was a Bee. I’m going to do a request here. Hope others add a request. Thank you!


Maybe, it’ll be a problem because of the native language of the movie. There aren’t any Tamil/Telugu Subbers unless Viki already has it hardsubbed or comes presubbed.
But I support you :kissing_smiling_eyes:
I’ll submit it too.