If you like action packed/different type of dramas watch this


I don’t know why I never received PM about these 3 great dramas but I do receive a lot of PM’s of the types of dramas I always mention I don’t like. I LOVE ACTION PACKED DRAMAS. No matter if it involves certain things I won’t like that’s life and it does happen in day to day living.

I hope youCheck it out: MY FAVE SO FAR. I like to see evil ppl die

This one it was a little hard to swallow but that’s what the drama is about and so far is getting better

If anyone knows action packed dramas (not Chinese, PLEASE) mention it here, please. It can be from any other country, too.

I already saw the Fiery Priest it was so wonderful I want 2nd part already (I know is coming soon!)



the sketch and firey priest was very good, now finishing up with kill it. what asome dramas !!


kill it is super


I don’t know if you’ve seen Signal. It’s a crime drama with the past and present colliding with each other. I thought it was pretty action packed, and very interesting, but I am not sure if it is like these other dramas since I haven’t seen them. Mmm, there’s also the drama Wanted, but it’s less action and more on the suspenseful side. It’s about a mom who tries to find her son who has been kidnapped using a TV show to document the search whenever clues come in. If she doesn’t do the show, her son will die. Both dramas are Korean, by the way.

I’m thinking of watching The Fiery Priest, since it has humor. Usually, crime dramas make me really uncomfortable unless there’s some romance or humor to lessen the severity of the topic, and from reviews it seems doable for me.


I saw Wanted and loved it but Signal after the second episode I lost interest with the back and forth scenes and i was turned off but I really want to go back to finish watching bc I see a lot of people praising it so I’m giving it another try today. Thank you.

PS They gave a spoiler on kill it so that one you might be disappointing for you but is not stopping me from watching it until the end bc i just love the story and the way it unfolds.


Kill it is always on the VIKI start page atm. I really like the dogs/animals but watching it is so exhausting.

I’ll post the ones I liked for one reason or another. Most of them are European/arte/Netflix productions:

  • Hanna Svensson/Innan vi dör/Before we die (Sweden 2017, one of the best series I’ve ever seen it really drawns you into it; I even consider watching it again what I’m usually not doing with this type of series)

  • Stranger (Korea, hoping for a second season, in a way the “kill it” main lead reminds me of him because both are so silent and non talkative)

  • Non uccidere (2015+ Italy, also with a strong female detective as lead character and a family secret)

  • Occupied (2015+ Norway)

  • The Widow (amazon originals, just great, would rewatch it, with interesting story twists and strong female lead)

  • Nobel – fred for enhver pris (Norway)

  • Fugitiva (Netflix original, Spain, cool music :D)

  • Forbrydelsen/The Killing (Denmark, don’t watch the US version, they usually fail in keeping the origin atmosphere etc…)

  • Designated Survivor (USA)

  • Quantico (USA)

  • Manhunt- Unabomber (just great, super thrilling, without tons of corpses and blood and violent scenes)

  • Bnei Aruba (Istrael, intense & intelligent storyline)

  • Krieger (Netflix original Denmark

  • Doctor Foster (UK)

  • La Mante (France, Netflix Original, intelligent & morbid storyline, thrilling on an emotional/mental level, great actress)

  • Collateral (Netflix Original UK)

  • London Spy (UK)

  • Kiss me first (it’s NOT a romance series, it’s some kind of suspense the title is bit misleading, great show)

  • Erased (Japan, real movie version, would watch it again, didn’t watch the anime yet, not sure if I will since real actor version was already so good)

  • Carlo & Malik (Italy, hoping for a season 2 :D)

  • YOU (, I like the synced voice of my language’s version more since the voice actor’s voice is more intense)

  • Deadwind (Finland)

  • Berlin Station (great support actor, the one is so cool :D)

  • O sabor das margaridas (Spain 2018, this was some kind of surprisingly good drama, I just started by accident and then couldn’t stop watching almost all episodes at once)

  • Bodyguard (2018 UK)

  • Livvagterne (2008-2010 Denmark)

  • Tjockare än vatten (Sweden Finland 2014+)

  • When Heroes Fly/Bishvila Giborim Afim (Israel)

  • Pine Gap (Australia)

  • Secret City (Australia)

  • The Code (Australia)

  • Safe Harbour (Australia)

Seems I watched too much XD (it used to be my main genre :wink:

PS: Don’t you watch any Chinese shows at all? no matter which genre?


These are all on NetF*x and/or YT?


I watched them either on my local TV webpage, amazon or netflix. Usually amazon/netflix now take them after a while so you can watch them at first on TV (or TV webpage streaming) and later via amazon/netflix worldwide.

Some of the shows I mentioned are European Co-ops between different country’s TV stations.

Depending on where you’re living you may watch it on the TV webpages too or on a third party page like netflix.


Okey thanks I’m writing down the titles and I hope I get to see some of them. I love movies: Netherland Force they are different crime stories fully subbed in English.

I saw Fugitiva a while back. it’s really good
Loved… Bodyguard but stopped once the guy started the affair with her.
Designated Survivor USA didn’t like one bit. The first episode was good the rest I found boring. The one’s from Australia can’t find on Ntfx or Prm although I go to international movies section.

I’ll keep looking though.


When i Google Netherland Force it only shows me some links to Netherland’s military :frowning:

  • Broadchurch (UK) forgot this one

  • Sherlock (UK, BBC 20xx, the first seasons/episodes were good, later I didn’t like it anymore and stopped watching it)

  • The Last Enemy (this was thrilling with Benedict Cumberbatch, Youtube had all episodes, not sure how it is now)


Netherland Force I watch on my smart TV on channel 14-1. I’m in USA.

I’ll give feedback as I watch them. Thanks for sharing.


This is what the video on YT are saying :confused:
Where you live?

Video unavailable
The uploader has not made this video available in your country.


Thanks :slight_smile:

For whatever reason it is impossible to find Netherland Force, not even via wikipedia search or youtube trailer search. That’s rare. Usually they show at least the trailers, but this time it is as if the show doesn’t exist.

Do you mean The Last Enemy episodes on youtube? I’m from Europe.

The link I posted was the official trailer for YOU drama (it is from USA)


Well, in all honesty this channel and several other channel appeared one day on my regular (smart) TV, after I install a new antenna I bought at BJ’s (Food and so many other stuff)

Netherland Force is a regular TV show, and they give different crime episodes every day I watch it every morning (if I’m not busy doing something else) It’s on channel 14-1, and I also can see on that same channel dramas/movies shows from countries like India, Russia and even from Italy. To tell you the truth, I am shocked how many new channels I got on my regular TV once I install this antenna. This is not a product advertisement. I honestly started getting so many varieties program with this antenna.


Sounds funny :smiley:

Can’t you link the show you watch at an online page?

I’m only watching TV via inet => mostly as video on demand on the TV station’s webpage or via streaming services like netflix.

Just watched one documentation movie last month on a regular broadcast and got already again annoyed by all the advertising breaks. (We have some TV stations without adds and some with adds but I avoid those with adds)



I’m going to ask my daughter to see if she can help me with that. When it comes to those stuff I don’t know a lot. My kids are always complaining bc I’m constantly telling them to do things for me bc no matter how much they explain it to me I always forget.

So far a lot of the dramas on your list are not on Netfl*x. I’ll check the rest tomorrow on YT to see if I find them there.


Some used to be also on amazon.

Eventually they have a different title on Netflix USA. I posted the origin titles since I thought it might be easier to find them then (and because I see mostly German titles on Netflix which wouldn’t help you in finding them).

Just tell them they could be glad that their mother at least uses inet & stuff even when she was born before the PC & inet era :smiley:


lol that is so true. I remember when our first TV was black and white and we had to take turns to watch it. No remote control and the antenna was a clothes hanger hahahahaha I tell my kids they don’t know how lucky they are but they still want more and more.

My daughter can’t find a link to the Netherland Force TV show : She suggested I give you the name of the station: WMBQ- CD. Maybe that will help some. Remember this is regular TV not cable (cable might have it but not on channel 14-1 like on my TV).

Right now, they are giving news from Germany. It has such a variety of movies/dramas/ news from France, Italy/ Istanbul/ Bangladesh/Tokyo/ Shanghai and much more.


Thank you :slight_smile:

When you want to watch a specific drama I mentioned and can’t find it you can ask me. Sometimes the title-changing makes it difficult to find a drama in a certain language.

I got hooked to Kill It now - even though I dislike violent bloody scenes - after that evil cliffhanger from episode 2.

Besides the violent parts it has an interesting storyline and some aspects that remind me to games like Watch Dogs or Hitman. (when he is on the hunt he looks like a Watch Dogs character. Got the feeling they were inspired by t/his style)

The game is less violent in terms of showing blood (just disabling everything :smiley: - I want that option for TV/movies too…)


What I hate about kill it is when they blurred the picture of the knife. I find that so ridiculous. I hope you try watching Sketch. It’s different and more realistic than other dramas I’ve seen here.