If you like action packed/different type of dramas watch this


The Sketch trailer is already bloody. I’m usually not looking at bloody/violent scenes so I may not have seen which blur effect you mean. It appears sometimes more game-like than movie-like, also when they repeat certain moments. In Assassin’s Creed you also get a different visual appearance during battles that is somehow a mix of slowmotion/different focus and colour changing to yellow for special attacks.
In a way I like the style since it feels more like playing a game then. Just the “Golden Light” filter is too much. Almost all the time everything looks like being either in golden candle light or in sunset.Too reddish sometimes.

I added Sketch to my watch list. When I feel like needing another crime drama I’ll take a look at the first episode.


see I am not the only one to find something different. Sketch was a good drama, Kill it was too, just wish there was more, yeah I am getting “hungry” for different dramas,

just getting bored is all. Vampires?? witches?? UFO??space alien? the merman, gotta watch that one again, I have watched all the dramas with what I mentioned, to be sure theres more out there. I do love those dramas that I did mention, twists & turns galore


If you can watch NT***X watch CHIEF OF STAFF with Min ah? Great, great drama. I love everything about it. Here at RVIKi PERFUME I count the days to wtch it and thank GOD the subs are great and done really fast.

PS after i wrote this comment, subtitles took a dive and slowed down, so I stayed away until the 32 (16) episodes were all subbed.


haven’t gotten to perfume yet. another to watch today


just started episode 1, ok this is one I have to pay attention, what a novelty! i now have to watch! back to you later


You gonna laugh the drama has so many funny parts and they have nothing to do with disgusting vulgar scenes (farts/ eating like pigs etc) I know you will like it. the ending is good too so it’s a Plus.


the first episode wow! funny! perfume


It gets better…watch.


I am catching up with this


I’ve only seen Sketch out of those 3, I really enjoyed it, but I will check out the other ones for sure


thanks for this list, I’ve seen a few of those and liked them a lot, just finished Deadwind this week, amazing series, the photography was so well done.


I will be checking that one, too.