I'm new and want to be a Volunteer. Please help

I’m new and I would like to be a volunteer, but I have a few questions:

  1. How do you become a volunteer? Do you just have to start making subtitles?
  2. I have made some subtitles, but why doesn’t the amount of subtitles show in “Volunteer Finder”? (green circle)
  3. How can I show my country? (Red circle)
  4. How can I show my languages as well? (Blue circle)
    Some people have more than 1 languages - how can I do that as well?
  5. Do you have to contact the channel manager before you start subbing?

I hope you can help me :slight_smile: Thank you

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I’m not sure about the questions concerning one liners, but if you want to help on a movie or drama, etc. you just have to contact the channel manager or the moderator of the language you want to sub in ^^

I have no idea how the volunteerfinder works. I guess it’s still beta since there is no place where we can give our country and languages.

But for your 5th question: yes always PM the CM first that you want to sub and don’t forget to mentio the language and which drama. Many CM’s have various projects so if you go “I want to sub in English” the CM has no clue where you want to help.

So in short.

  1. Look for a project. You can use the “Project finder” or just search Viki yourself since not everything is listed I noticed, I never use those finders.
  2. When you find a project look at the community wall to see who you need to contact, then go to the volunteer tab and look for that person and send a clear PM.
  3. Then you wait for a reply and then you can start, for any further questions you can ask that person too.

Thank you so much for your detailed answer!!

But what if the CM is someone, who hasn’t been active for a long time - like 3 months - and doesn’t reply? Would you think it would be okay to start sub anyway?

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If the CM is not active for a while you can’t help it, I would just start subbing then.
I forgot to mention something yesterday: Sometimes you don’t need to PM the CM but a Moderator if there is one for the language you want to sub into. And if you see Viki is the only CM you can just start subbing because there is no team active. Unless the community wall states otherwise if there is a community wall made.

Okay, thank you! Your answer helped me a lot!

Hello i need help ,im new on the viki and i dont now what moderators do? what i have to do when CM say that i can be moderator,please help me,i dont now what to do! even article on viki didnt help me :disappointed_relieved:

@hyolyn3221_325, Ninja Academy has a volunteer guide that explains what English and Other Language Moderators generally do in (on-air) channels. Not all channels are the same, but it may give you a better idea. You can also ask the CM what they expect of you.