In the Quarantine become more easy to be a volunteer and have new projects?

Since the Quarantine started my hole life changed… help here with the projects become more easy but learn new lnguages not so easy… How is working for another people ?!
Have almost two months that I don’t go out :no_mouth:… Sometimes I feel have more free time but sometimes no :persevere:

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Which languages are you learning? Is it because you prefer to learn in a classroom?

In the very beginning I felt more freedom, but that soon changed. No places to go, less help available, still some duties needing to be met anyway. There’s been construction work going on in my street for months now and I can’t stand the noise, but there’s nowhere to flee.

Anyways, as for languages I’m using books and online courses, but right now I’m a bit distracted by my translating projects. :slight_smile:


You could try some language learning apps. Some language learning apps include chat option with native speakers and since many people feel bored atm you could find many to chat with and learn the language together.


I will try a language learning app:blush:
. Do you have suggestions ?
With free time I hope do something nice ^^

I already speak in English but I need have someone to talk to me … My friends speak only in Portuguese so it’s complicate don’t forget :no_mouth:
I thought with the quarantine I i’d have more freedom and free time but was a mistake .
I’m like you… no places to go ^^
Everyday I clean my apartment 2 …sometimes 3 times in the day…
Where are do you from ?
I’m from Brazil ^^

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I’m from The Netherlands.

I have no experience with this one, but you can talk to native speakers with it:

Other apps, without chat, are:

For actual courses you can look at:

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An app that I like to use is ‘Drops’. With the free version you can play it 5 minutes a day. It’s really good to learn vocabulary. The app will give you one word at a time and if you already know it, you can reject it, but if you don’t know it you can accept it and study it. It works with many different categories, so there’s a lot to learn. Also, if you play it for 5 days or more, you will get bonus seconds and you can play it longer.

I’m learning Portuguese at the moment, so if you could help me that would be nice. I could help you with your English :slight_smile:

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I suggest Tandem app for chat world wide. There is a free version, the difference between paid and free version is that paid version shows people who live in your city (I guess no one needs that right now) and that you can translate chat messages within the app unlimited (similar to Google translate, but if you don’t know a word you could also check this word online in Google so you don’t need this option within the app). All other options of the app are the same for free and paid version.

For solo learning I’d use Busuu… it is terrible for learning Chinese but okay for languages like English. It’s also possible to do a online English certificate test there up to B 2.

This company is also nice. They have free learning ressources on Youtube and on their homepage and I like their approach:

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