Inactive Channel Manager

Hi, I wanted to ask, when there is a Channel where it’s Channel Managers are not active for over a year and more, can I become the Channel Manager instead? I tried to send message to Viki Help Center but I don’t know how to do it. But do you think it’s possible to become a new CM for the Channel?


To become a Channel Manager of an existing Channel, it is said that:

If a Channel Manager has been inactive for more than 30 days, please submit a request to the Help Center and we will look into the matter.

You can submit a request here :

It’s the only information I know! Hope others can give you more ^^


Oh Thank you so much, I was really confused with this so thank you for replying and helping me…:wink:

Ahoj Anetko,
you could also try the viki support staff, try to email
Clara: @anon27228197 or
Kristine: @kris_o or
Emily: @emily_154
good luck, hodne stesti !


Thank you very much…:smiley:

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