Inactive channels - any way to know if they are dead or still cooking?

Is there a way to check if a channel is deceptively inactive because it is preparing to launch (or segment, or subtitle) or if it is inactive because it’s abandonned?

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I think only way is to PM CM’s directly.
If you don’t know if CM is active you go to their activities tab and you can see when last online.
If they’re inactive for 6 months or more, I believe if you write to viki their channel is up for grabs.

Some CMs are active (e.g. recent contributions a few hours ago) but they never answer. Are they preparing to upload and sub? Is the project dead?

Some titles are being prepared, some are fogoten among so many projects. Viki’s website isn’t very helpful in finding this kind of information.

I wish there was an easy/ automated way to know if I should keep waiting for episodes to get uploaded/ segs-subs to be added etc or if I should just forget about that particular title.

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Are the shows you are interested in licensed? If they are jut fan channels, they may be waiting for the license for episodes to be uploaded. If not, Viki can help you if the CM does not answer you. Good luck. :slight_smile:


Unless it’s a channel for a drama which was not licenced yet. Then it is forced inactivity and not the CM or moderator’s fault. It happened to me once. A moderator had been inactive for more than six months, I made a fuss, wrote to her, when she didn’t reply for a few days I wrote to the CM who, seeing the long inactivity and absence of a team, gave the moderation to me. Then it turned out that the film (it was a film) was only recently licensed. I felt really bad, but the moderator was a good sport and collaborated anyway as a subtitler.